A little discussion with the guys at Funeral Nation

Here is Funeral Nation Episode #248 where I join anchors Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff “The Funeral Commander” Harbeson for a short discussion of all things Death Care.

In a short 12 minutes Ryan, Jeff, and I cover a variety of topics including the real disconnect between what some consumers think they are getting with certain death care services and what funeral homes believe that the consumer is purchasing.  We conclude that getting on the “Same Page” would be good for both parties.

We also discuss:

  • The Death Care public companies and their 2021 performance
  • Where will all the large death care companies be hunting for acquisitions to spend the cash they have built up over the Covid years.
  • A potential “Canary in the Coal Mine” with death rates dropping in Great Britain
  • A potential Catch-22 in the funeral service employment realm. . . . What might happen as we raise compensation levels because of inflation which leads to price hikes that may cause consumers to purchase less costly services?. . . .Will employee compensation increases lead to lower revenue per call? . . . an interesting topic.

In any regards, click us on to learn our opinions. . . . even if you don’t agree with our comments. . . we are “good” entertainment!!!


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