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Business Preneed Regulations

Weekend Edition: SCI receives economic development aid, a difference of opinion in Winnipeg, a preneed ratings downgrade

It is somewhat unbelievable to me how fast we have moved from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but here we are.  Among the American debate, many schools are opening, the election is soon here, and the one constant is that those in the funeral profession continue to give comfort and guidance to those in need. Today’s edition brings you three features including plans by Service Corporation International to greatly expand its New Orleans based accounting operations, a funeral home owner […]


Technical difficulties, Seeking Alpha opinion on Service Corporation

To our readers:  Before we get into our feature article of the day I want to apologize to readers who did not receive distributed copies of Funeral Director Daily last Wednesday and Thursday.  Unfortunately, we ran into issues where we simply outgrew our former distributor of Funeral Director Daily emails, Twitter, and Facebook postings.  The growth is good, however, we were not prepared for this happening and so I apologize to our readers for the problem.  There were three articles […]

Cemetery Preneed

Better late than never

In the news last week was a story of deceased New York state firefighter Anthony Fatale and the delayed legacy of his life.  Fatale had died two years ago in 2018 at the age of 70. Fatale was single, an Air Force veteran,  and a member of the Nyack Fire Department, who many colleagues say was “larger than life”.  David Gottlieb of Empire Hook & Ladder Company No. 1 had this to say according to an article and video that […]

Business Preneed Regulations

Do the Diligence. . . a cautionary tale

Even before Robert Waltrip bought that second location in Houston in the early 1960’s there were lots of funeral homes that changed hands.  And, I’m guessing that over the years about 99% of those business transactions, especially the transferring of a funeral home to a new owner in a small community, went off without a hitch. Today, however, there are a lot more items to consider in a purchase/sale agreement so it is really smart to have good representation when […]


Crowdfunding continues to grow for funeral expenses

I came across this article the other day about the rise of crowdfunding to pay for funerals.  Now, this is not the first time we have written about this subject, but this article is interesting because it points out some statistics and trends behind this phenomena.   The article is a public relations article about the attributes of owning life insurance, but it is very relative to our industry in that I believe that there is a direct correlation between what […]


How does your firm view pre-need?

I wrote a story yesterday on the timing of advertising telling consumers about the benefits of pre-planning one’s own funeral or cremation services.  When I did that article I did not envision a follow-up or series of pre-need articles, but a day later here is another angle I have thought about often concerning pre-need and how it fits in with your funeral home’s service to consumers and/or your funeral homes profitability or compensation. I will admit that serving my entire […]


United Kingdom to regulate funeral plans

In the United Kingdom, sales of pre-need funeral plans has soared nearly 200% in the last dozen years.  Driven by the increasing competition between the largest players in that country’s death care industry, Dignity Plc, and Co-op Funeralcare, the government has determined that it must “crack-down” on high-pressure and misleading tactics in the sale of funeral plans. In this article from Reuters you can read of the government’s plan to regulate the pre-paid sector for the first time to ensure […]


SCI CEO Thomas Ryan on “Beacon”

Last week we examined the 3rd quarter financial results for Service Corporation International.  When we did that we noticed, and told our readers, about the success that their preneed funeral services seemed to be having.  We actually told readers to compare what they are doing in their own businesses to SCI to make sure that your own business was staying on track. What we didn’t know when we reported those results was the existence of Service Corporation’s proprietary technology that […]


Presenting Pre-Need — Part 2

Okay, so I left you yesterday reading Presenting Pre-Need — Part 1 and teasing you that I would go into more detail with today’s Presenting Pre-Need — Part 2.  Not that you were up waiting all evening for it, but here is Part 2. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s column and today I am going to try to let you in on how I succinctly explain the value of pre-need accounts to guests at funeral home seminars.  Hopefully, these tips […]

Finance Preneed

Great Western Insurance Company to be Acquired

In an article from the Think Advisor which you can read here it was reported that Ogden, Utah based pre-need life insurer Great Western Life Insurance is going to be acquired by American Republic Insurance of Des Moines, Iowa. Great Western is a privately held life insurance company, specializing in Pre-Need funeral insurance started by a funeral industry family in 1983 – the founder, John Lindquist, still serves as CEO and Chairman of the Board.  It is reported that the […]