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Teaching old dogs new tricks

By Funeral Director Daily / April 3, 2020 /

The old saying is that you “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  Well, I think after this week that I am living proof that statement definitely does not hold water. You see, this week I watched four webinars on what is happening in funeral service and the death care industry.  That, in itself, for…

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Where should you be advertising

By Funeral Director Daily / January 21, 2020 /

I think I am very much like most people in that when I see something that pertains to something in my life I generally pay attention.  Today’s article emanates from some things I saw or heard over the last week. First of all, I am an investor in a small private company that rents billboard…

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Out of the Box marketing

By Funeral Director Daily / July 25, 2019 /

I think even those of us who grew up in the world before smart phones and the internet understand that funeral homes can gain in their marketing efforts by being actively involved in the social media world.  However, common sense dictates that marketing dollars should be spread around. . .even to the point of doing…

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Maintaining -and Adding To – Your Heritage Business

By Funeral Director Daily / January 7, 2019 /

Great funeral homes and cemeteries don’t just pop up and start making lots of money overnight.  Matter of fact, it is very rare that a death care business can open in a new locale served by others and make a profit within the first couple of years.  New operations have to be ready to spill…

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Don’t Lose a Long-Time Client Family

By Funeral Director Daily / September 13, 2017 /

I just read an article by Alyssa McNab on the Homesteaders Life Company blog  where I thought that she did a very good job in delineating how a funeral home could, under certain circumstances, lose a long time client family.  Obviously, this is something no one in the funeral business wants to have happen, but…

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