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End-of-Life “Purpose” insurance seems to be moving toward Pre-Need

By Funeral Director Daily / July 27, 2023 /

    When you think of End-of-Life “Purpose” insurance there are two basic types.  First, there is Pre-Need which is generally sold by funeral or cremation providers with the death benefit proceeds going directly to those providers to pay for services that have been pre-planned by the purchasers or their caretakers.   Then there is…

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Carriage Services announces national preneed partnerships

By Funeral Director Daily / May 22, 2023 /

    It was less than three weeks ago, on May 4, when listeners of Carriage Services earnings call got an idea that something was going to be decided in the way that the company handled their preneed business.  In that call, of which you can read the transcript here, Vice-Chairman, President and Chief Operating…

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How do consumers come up with the money to pay for funerals?

By Funeral Director Daily / January 27, 2023 /

    Yesterday we took a look at how funeral merchants should expect their clients to pay for the services that they select.  Our article took a look at crowdfunding, credit cards, savings, and, of course, preneed funding.  And, we concluded that as good as it is to get payment done and out of the…

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FDLIC acquires American Life and Annuity Company

By Funeral Director Daily / September 21, 2022 /

We learned late last week in this press release that Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) of Abilene, Texas, acquired the American Life and Annuity Company (ALAC) of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  According to the press release “effective immediately, FDLIC will work to support existing ALAC policyholders and Arkansas funeral homes”.  Again, according to the press…

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C&J Financial releases “Quick Claim” mobile app

By Funeral Director Daily / September 1, 2022 /

Collecting of accounts receivables has came a long way from the 1930’s when a funeral home just asked the client family to “settle up” when ready.  Today’s use of cash-flow makes it imperative that funeral homes reduce the amounts of money they have “on the books”.  In addition, helping families receive money due them from…

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Security National Financial shows earnings increases in both Memorial and Life Insurance segments

By Funeral Director Daily / April 13, 2022 /

Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC), the Utah based multi-pronged company with divisions in funeral homes and cemeteries and also with its insurance division involved in preneed insurance, had its full-year after-tax earnings drop from $55.5 million in 2020 to $39,5 million in 2021.  It’s Earnings before taxes also dropped about $20 million for the three…

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This might be the best time in a generation to be selling Preneed

By Funeral Director Daily / March 31, 2022 /

I enjoy learning and then finding solutions to problems.  It’s something I’ve done since I was a child — find out the facts of the situation and then solve the problem.  To that end, I continue to read four business newsletters per day. . . I simply enjoy what I learn from them and then…

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Ohio cemeteries, funeral homes spar over “trusting” requirement

By Funeral Director Daily / March 23, 2022 /

Ohio Senate Bill 224 will make over a dozen changes to the state’s funeral and burial laws according to this article from  The bill will do such mundane things as increasing the price to reactivate a funeral director’s license and it will also establish a more formal process for families to collect money from…

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U.S. Life Insurers pay out record $90.43 billion in 2020

By Funeral Director Daily / December 17, 2021 /

This article that appeared in Newser indicates that American life insurance companies paid out death benefits totaling about $90.43 billion dollars in 2020 – the first year of America’s battle with Covid-19.  It also indicates that was a 15.4% increase over death benefits paid out in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The article…

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SCI CEO Tom Ryan on Covid deaths, preneed, and acquisitions

By Funeral Director Daily / November 10, 2021 /

Service Corporation International (SCI), the largest provider of funeral services in North America, recently released their 3rd Quarter 2021 results and following that company executives answered questions from stock analysts about the company and death care in general.  You can read a complete transcript of that commentary here. If you are not interested in reading…

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