Titan Casket shows top-line growth in 2021

According to this article from Business Wire online retailer Titan Casket grew its revenues by 400% in 2021.  The company also disclosed that November 2021 was its “largest month ever”.   Titan was started in 2016 and allows consumers to purchase their caskets directly online for shipment to the funeral home of their choice.

Titan Casket also announced that they had started a wholesale unit that sells caskets direct to funeral homes and that business segment saw an increase of 15 times during the year.

Here’s some other highlights for Titan according to the article:

  • Titan has increased the number of caskets available on their website by 30%
  • They have expanded premium casket selections including Stainless Steel models
  • They have added oversize casket offerings
  • They have added Wicker casket offerings to compete in the eco-burial market
  • They have added customized head panel options
  • They added three new warehouse distribution centers in the past year — in California, Pennsylvania, and Alabama
  • They sold their first urn and set up their first pre-payment plan policy

Here’s what Titan Casket CEO Scott Ginsberg had to say in the article, “In 2021 we launched a completely new website that included the ability to estimate delivery dates by product by zip code, as well as a tool to help customers identify the casket that would best suit their needs. We also sold our first urn and our first pre-planning policy.  We look forward to continuing on our journey to become the digital solution for funerals in 2022 by introducing a broader urn selection, a pre-planning option to pay for a casket now (or in installments) for delivery at the time of need, opening a number of new distribution centers across the country to ensure fast delivery to every corner of the U.S., and introducing even more eco-friendly and customized options for caskets to honor specific tastes and interests.”

Funeral Director Daily take:  It seems like Titan Casket got a lot accomplished in 2021.  And, it will be interesting to see where they go from here.  I’ve predicted before that the American consumer will at some point look for an online portal as a centralized “Hub” for death care purchases.

Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

When you look at Titan Casket you can see that they may have that goal in mind. . . .they have already expanded to urns and preneed policies – at least for purchasing a casket at a later date but pre-paying for it now.

Batesville Casket has more than once implied that the North American casket market will, more than likely, shrink by 1 to 3% annually for the next several years.  If that is true, then Titan Casket has to take market share from existing casket companies to grow.  I think their Business to Consumer (B2C) business makes that possible and if they can make headway in their new wholesale Business to Business (B2B) segment, it might even make it probable.  However, being a wholesale supplier to funeral establishments while at the same time offering products directly to the consumer can make for some potentially tough relationship issues in the profession.

However, the more death care related products that Titan can bring to their website the more probability they have of attracting more and more consumers.  If I was a betting person I would expect Titan to add more products sooner rather than later.

Here is the Titan Casket website

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