It’s Friday, the end of the summer, and we won’t bore you with our opinions

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It’s Friday, the end of the summer is approaching, Labor Day and pro football are just around the corner.  So, instead of boring you with editorial opinions on our part, we are just going to throw out three interesting articles for you to read and digest on your own.  Enjoy the read and enjoy the holiday weekend!!

  • This article is about a new crematory being build in a community in the state of Washington.  The article delves into the process that the funeral home had to go through to get the crematory and, quite frankly, is about as good a process as I have seen to prove the safety of a crematory being put into a new neighborhood.
  • This article is a follow up article on something we told you about last week.  Last week’s article was about the charges of embezzlement for a funeral home employee.  This article moves that forward and discusses the idea that that same person is in the process of starting his own new funeral home.
  • Finally, this article tells the story of a 40-year old man who passed away without many assets and his family produced a “Homemade Funeral”.  It is interesting to note why they made the decisions that they did and you may be able to thought process how your funeral home could have helped them make a different decision.









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