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Once again the information has piled up on my desk and I thought this would be a good time to get it out to our readers.  We have information about “Goals oriented succession planning”, inflation issues, a death care company starting a “Corporate Cultural Department” and installing a Chief Cultural Officer and more. . . .including announcements and webinars.

How a Goals Oriented approach to Succession Planning can be an advantage.  –  A short paper from Clifton Larson Allen where they opine, “Regardless of motivation, leaving a business to new proprietorship requires open communication and transparency among all involved principals, no matter if the company’s future lies in the hands of family members or nonrelatives.” 


Inflation will impact your organization — Are you ready?  A short paper from Clifton Larson Allen where they help you think about navigating inflationary impact on your organization.  Clifton Larson Allen says, “For the past two years, labor shortages and disruptions in the supply chain have become part of everyday business management. Now businesses must add high inflation to the list of challenges and try to figure out how the Fed’s response may impact their decision-making process.”

CANA announces 104th Cremation Innovation Convention and Featured Speakers  –  The Cremation Association of North America announces this convention scheduled in Atlanta from August 17-19,2022.

Here’s what CANA says about the convention:

Forward-thinking speakers are a favorite part of every CANA Convention, and Atlanta’s program won’t disappoint:

Brian Waters, funeral director, embalmer, and host of Undertaking: The Podcast, opens the CANA Convention with a plan to Question Everything and examine the why of business operations. Brian will explore the value families are seeking and discuss how we can grow as cremation providers by sharing trends, ideas, and questions about everything we do.

By addressing the profession’s challenges head on, Jake Johnson, President & CEO at Johnson Consulting, helps attendees set their goals and priorities with Interactive Strategic Planning. For many of us, the problem lies not in failing to meet our operational goals, but in failing to define them in the first place—or in setting our mark too low and only achieving what we were aiming for. Jake will help you rise above the statistics and get one step closer to the ultimate goal of your exit plan.

It’s been said that you’re only as strong as your weakest link, and staffing is a concern we all share. Funeral Professionals Peer Support (FPPS) Founder Michael Dixon and Licensed Funeral Director and FPPS US Program Director Kim Zavrotny talk about stress and burnout in the workplace and how we’re Stronger Together: The Value of Peer Support.

This year, CANA hosts not one but two sessions on applying statistics to your business planning. In Cremation Trends Part 1: Statistics and Business Diversification, CANA Executive Director Barbara Kemmis will facilitate a discussion about the profession’s response to cremation trends, excess deaths and how businesses are diversifying through the addition of pet cremation—all with expert insights from leaders across the profession.

Then, in Cremation Trends Part 2: Cremation Memorialization, CANA introduces the results of brand-new cremation memorialization research. Delving into the motivations for people keeping their human and pet cremated remains in homes throughout the US and Canada, Barbara Kemmis will facilitate a discussion with leaders on the results of this study and what it means for cremation memorialization today and in the future.

The always-popular Roundtable Session will allow attendees to spend more time diving deeper into the content presented throughout the convention. Each presenter will facilitate a roundtable on their topic, answering questions and encouraging discussion so attendees can collaborate on finding solutions and new ideas for their businesses.

… and there’s so much more! Everyone is invited to earn their certification by registering for an in-person, pre-convention CANA Crematory Operations Certification Program™ (COCP™) taught by Tom Krowl of Cremation Systems and Wendy Wiener of WRW Legal. CANA’s planned an afterparty to celebrate being together in Atlanta! Plus, tickets are available to attend the New York Mets at the Atlanta Braves game on Thursday night and a there’s a tour of Cheatham Hill Memorial Park on Friday afternoon.

A new Corporate Cultural Department at Funeral Director’s Life — Here’s what Kris Seale, President and CEO of Funeral Director’s Life says about this new department at one of the country’s largest preneed providers, “I am very happy to announce that our board of directors recently approved the formation of our Corporate Culture Department.  This new department will be focused on building upon our legacy of optimum work-life balance, camaraderie, and culture built on values like loyalty, trust, accountability, generosity, and service to others.”

Funeral Directors Life’s Jeff Stewart has been named “Chief Culture Officer” of the company.

Webinar on Opportunities for Growth and Expansion — Brought to us by Johnson Consulting Group.  Here’s what they say about this webinar to be offered on June 27, “Join Jake Johnson for JCG’s first session with Live Oak Bank’s, Tim Bridgers, where he dives into all things growth and expansion for your business. He will touch on first-time acquisition tips, ground-up expansions, renovations, refinancing, growth strategies, and much more.”

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