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Green Burial Funeral Home to Open in Colorado

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Fox News 31 – Denver is reporting that a natural funeral home, offering green alternatives for the end of life, plans to open its doors in Old Town Lafayette, Colorado in June.

According to owner Prescott Knock, The Natural Funeral:  Living Arts Center will be the first of its kind in Colorado.

The business will be operated on the main street of Old Town in Lafayette and will offer pine caskets and no embalming.  The building will offer a chapel and a full support system including a community center, counseling, and educational services to the community.

According to the article, many local residents are supportive, in many cases, as they see this type of service as more friendly to the environment.

Funeral Director Daily take:  It is no surprise to us that as funeral service evolves we will see these type of “niche” businesses pop up.  The question will be, while a lot of people talk about Green Burials, will a sufficient number of people choose this method to make a viable, sustainable niche business.

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