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Our friends at Funeral Professionals Peer Support and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) have another timely peer support connection coming our way next Tuesday.


Christina Walton will be the facilitator.  Ms. Walton is a registered therapist specializing in bereavement and loss and she has been a licensed funeral director for 33 years.


Next week’s Peer Support network for funeral professionals will take place on Tuesday, December 20, at 8 pm Eastern Time (7 pm Central Time).  According to a press release from CANA  — Christina will help you connect with your funeral professional peers, both to find support and to inspire others. “Knowing that we’re going through some of the same things is very validating. To lean on each other is very validating, which is part of peer support: to be validated. There’s strength in numbers, in knowing that ‘I’m not the only one struggling. I’m normal.’”


CANA also says “Join Christina and your colleagues across the world to talk about self-care, wellness, and mental health for funeral service professionals of all levels in their career. This conversation is open to anyone in the death care profession, in any role in the funeral home, cemetery or crematory, or at any stage in their career.”


To join via Zoom register here.

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