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As we head into the weekend I’ve got some reading material for you.  As is our custom we present you with the Top Five most read articles on Funeral Director Daily over the past 30 days.


It’s interesting to note that this month we have three articles that were originally published in the last 30 days and two articles that were published beyond that time period.  That somewhat signifies, as we’ve been told, that as Funeral Director Daily gets more popular and more readers, we will rise in the Google search world for articles.


My opinion is that is exactly what happened to bring two ‘searched” articles into this grouping.  Here are the Top Five as read by our readers over the past 30 days.  Enjoy the read. . . Enjoy the weekend!!


  1. Will we see a “Pull-Forward” effect?
  2. Your Business Value:  A funeral home owners guide to prepping for 2023
  3. The New Pioneers
  4. SCI settles “Deceptive sales” lawsuit for $209 million
  5. Are funeral directors losing their “clout”?

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