Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily. . .here’s our top read stories of the past month

With almost 2,800 daily subscribers and about 13,000 page views every 30 days, there is no doubt that lots of death care professionals are reading Funeral Director Daily.  Stories that range from grief to employment issues to business articles means that over 30 days there is something of interest for everybody.

Here are the articles that garnered the most views during the time period of June 15 to July 15. . . If you missed one of these articles make sure you read it here. . .

  1. Death care startup Bare raises over $6 million in Series A funding
  2. Canadian company challenges funeral home status quo
  3. It’s summertime, the living is easy. . .and the mergers and acquisitions continue
  4. Article:  “Funeral industry trying to hold the line as costs soar”
  5. The article from “D” Magazine

Here are the articles as favored by our Facebook only subscribers.  Our Facebook only subscribers hold a demographic that is more female and, believed to be, younger than our general subscribers.  It’s partly for that reason, we believe, that they have a different interest in the articles that they read. . .Here’s their Top-5 for the same time period:

  1. Park Lawn makes acquisition, enters the state of Virginia
  2. Is this the future of small, rural church cemeteries?  
  3. Producer Price Index just rose 10.8% — How’s your business handling it?
  4. Canadian company challenges funeral home status quo
  5. Article:  “Funeral industry trying to hold the line as costs soar”

There you go. . . some nice reading material for the weekend.  Have a great weekend!!!

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