Cemetery Regulations

2016 Flooding Causes New Burial Rules

Burial in Louisiana is just different from what we have in Minnesota.  In Minnesota where it is joked that we have two seasons, Winter and Road Construction, we do have issues digging through the almost permafrost in our winter months.  But after seeing the following article, I guess a little cold weather is okay considering I don’t have to deal with a water table only 2 feet below the surface of the ground. A recent article in The Advocate of […]


“Fascinated” Student Becomes Embalmer

I recently ran across an article from the Straits Times of Singapore featuring the young life history of Mr. Shane Teo who is an embalming apprentice with one of the largest companies in Singapore, Ang Chin Moh. In reading the article, and I don’t pretend to know a great deal of the culture in Singapore, I was struck by how his evolution into an embalmer is very similar to many funeral directors in the United States.  As a youngster Mr. Teo […]

Cremation Regulations

Crematory Reported to Authorities for Fumes and Smoke

A Charlottesville, Virginia resident has complained to local and state authorities about the residue that comes out of the stack at the Hill and Wood Funeral Service Crematory on Stewart Street. According to a report from NBC 29, resident Renee Leake filed a complaint with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality concerning smoke and fumes coming from the crematory.  The article states that she has filed at least two complaints. Funeral Director Stephen Christianson of Hill & Wood is quoted […]

Business Regulations

Survey Shows SCI Firms Charge More

According to CBS article a recent survey by the Funeral Consumer Alliance and Consumer Federation of America shows that funeral and cremation pricing at establishments owned by funeral giant Service Corporation International are, in general, higher than independently owned funeral establishments. It seems to us at Funeral Director Daily that we seem to see news of this situation almost monthly.  CBS also notes that the price differences are not easy to spot because of the way funeral prices are disclosed. […]


Funeral Home Zoning Hearing Set

An interesting legal battle is taking shape in Port St. Joe, Florida, where Casey Whatley has received preliminary permission to open a funeral home in a building that has been vacant since 2008 and once had been operated as a Whatley Funeral Home. The plaintiffs contend that a license for operation had not been issued since 2012. In August 2016 the city issued a business license for Whatley to re-open the funeral home. The plaintiffs contend that when they bought […]


Muslim Cemetery moving forward in North Texas

A release from the Associated Press announced that the community of Farmersville, Texas, some 35 miles northeast of Dallas and a community of 3500 residents is square in the cross-hairs of America’s issue with the Muslim religion. On Monday night a group led by Shamsur Rahman moved a step closer to getting permission from the town council to establish a cemetery in Farmersville so that local Muslims have a local cemetery. The Islamic Association of Collin County wants to develop […]


Kansas City Cemetery goes on National Historic Register

Federal officials have awarded the designation of National Historical Landmark to the Wyandotte National Burial Ground in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. An estimated number up to about 600 of the Wyandotte Native Americans are buried there. Graves date back to 1843. Among the number buried there are Eliza Burton Conley, who in 1910 became the first native American to argue in front of the Supreme Court of the United States. At that time, developers were trying to buy the land […]


Pennsylvania Funeral Home Operates Without License

The Pennsylvania Board of Funeral Directors has levied a fine on a state funeral establishment which has been operating a foul of state regulations for over six years. According to an article in the Delaware County Daily Times, the Catherine B. Laws Funeral Home in Chester has been without a funeral establishment license and without an up to date funeral director under license since 2010. The funeral home has contended, that while they continue to operate, they could not afford […]

Cremation Regulations

Minnesota considers removing viewing casket and cremation urn tax

“I think it would be great to eliminate this tax.  For people, at the end of life, to have further tax put upon them seems to be too much for people who already spend their whole life being taxed”  Funeral Director John Kohl of Parker Kohl funeral home as quoted in reports that Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has proposed removing the state sales tax on viewing caskets and cremations urns.  Burial caskets aren’t taxed but rental caskets for […]


Who must comply with the FCC Funeral rule

The FTC Funeral Rule went into effect April 30, 1934.  The rule was revised in early 1994. Who must comply with the rule? All “funeral providers” must comply with the Rule. You are a funeral provider if you sell or offer to sell both funeral goods and funeral services to the public. Funeral goods are all products sold directly to the public in connection with funeral services. Funeral services are: services used to care for and prepare bodies for burial, […]