Pennsylvania Family Funeral Home To Change Hands

Last week we published news releases concerning acquisition companies Carriage Services and Park Lawn Corporation purchasing funeral properties.  Public companies release their information for all kinds of purposes, including publicity, and we print it.  However, we feel it is important to let our readers know that small funeral homes are profitable and active in the growth of their businesses also. So, today we are bringing you the story of the Huff Funeral Home in Franklin, Pennsylvania, and its coming acquisition […]

Business Finance

Service Corporation Announces New Debt Arrangement

Service Corporation International (SCI), a funeral care public company and a component of the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI), on Tuesday announced a new debt arrangement moving forward.  The company announced that it has priced an underwritten public offering of $550 million Senior Notes due in 2027.  The notes have been priced at 4.625%.  The offering is being underwritten and J.P. Morgan is the lead underwriter.  Part of this issue will be used by SCI to retire approximately […]


Image Watch — Don’t Let this Happen to Your Firm

Funeral Director Daily recently received an article and video clip from a New Zealand source that captures via dashcam a New Zealand hearse driver going through an intersection.  While that is an every day occurrence anywhere in the world what makes this clip different is that the back door of the hearse flies open and the stretcher goes cascading onto the street. The one minute clip shows the passenger side occupant calmly retrieve the stretcher and put it back into […]


Who is Your Target Customer and What do They Want?

I posted an article yesterday that showed that even when you think you are an asset-based or value customer you can also be, at some times in some situations, an experiential customer.  By experiential customer I mean that you, as a customer, will pay more for something because you value the experience that it gives you. When I think about my career in funeral service – and I was probably successful in spite of myself because of the times I […]


How Can Funeral Homes Sell “The Experience”?

Trends and surveys show us that the younger the person is in America the more apt they are to value “Experiences” over “Assets”.  It is an interesting subject to me – as a younger part of the Baby Boom generation – I’ve always valued assets and usually have watched my money on the experiences.  Experiences such as going to a Major League Baseball game — I’ve never bought the top price ticket — I’ve been satisfied with sitting in an […]


Can’t Believe They Waited Until 2017

The Niagara Gazette recently published an article featuring Michael Goodlander, owner of the Otto Redanz Funeral Home in New York state.  The article captured the thoughts of Goodlander and his funeral home as it is preparing to offer food – in the way of baked goods, snacks, and platters to those visiting and using his facility during visitations and funerals. The article states that the State of New York recently passed legislation which makes this legal in the Empire State […]


Free Cremation Inurnment Service Proves Successful

About two months ago we came across a story from Killeen, Texas, and wrote about what Rachel Dwyer, general manager of the Heritage Funeral Home and Killeen Funeral Home was planning.  In that article we commented that we thought that this could really prove to be a positive public relations move and something that would serve families well and could become an annual affair. What Ms. Dwyer, and other funeral directors like me have noticed as we have moved from […]


Check Up Time with Your Pre-Need Provider

Pre-Need insurance means different things for different funeral homes.  Some funeral homes use pre-need to build market share, some use pre-need as a cash-flow tool, and some use pre-need as a means of providing revenue and net income to the bottom line.  Probably more often than not, funeral homes use pre-need for a combination of all three of those factors. I began in the 1980’s in the funeral business in Minnesota where insurance based policies were not legal and all […]


The Changing Face of the American Funeral

We have talked about it here before — how the American death care business is changing.  It all has to do with the changing culture of the American populous.  Not much has changed in what is accepted in America at the time of death — for the past forty years we have accepted burial, funerals, cremations, memorial services and the like.   It is just how this next generation of Americans plans to memorialize and celebrate their lives in different proportions […]

Business Regulations

The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Yesterday I read of two cases where funeral homes faced examiners because of problems at their mortuaries and in both cases both funeral homes have had their licenses revoked for a period of time from the respective examining boards. While the funeral homes may have the chance to plead their case and appeal, much of the damage will have been done by being publicly closed for a period of time. The first case – which you can read about and […]