Do you know why you get your clientele?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 18, 2023 /

      A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a person who worked for about 30 years in death care — both as a funeral director and on the supply side of the business.  First he complimented me with some of the articles that I write about the results of funeral homes…

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My brother Jim. . . . and the power of kindness.

By Funeral Director Daily / August 17, 2023 /

    Editor’s Note:  This is a reprint of my article of August 17, 2021.  I think the message to Death Care professionals still resonates so it is reprinted with only the calendar numbers changed.  Thanks for reading.   Today is August 17.  Today should be my younger brother, Jim’s, 62nd birthday.  Instead I’ll spend…

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Funeral homes change hands. . . What’s in a name?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 16, 2023 /

      I recently read about two different funeral homes that were acquired by individual funeral directors.  More on those specific funeral homes in a minute.  When I read the newspaper articles about each it was interesting to note that one funeral home would be keeping its name, at least for some time, and…

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Cycles and trends. . . how will they affect Death Care

By Funeral Director Daily / August 15, 2023 /

      For my entire life I’ve enjoyed watching what is happening around me and then trying to figure out why it is happening.  It’s kind of an odd hobby but it has proven to be a really good hobby to help one keep ahead of his competitors in business.   What I’ve deduced…

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Does dementia reduce “funeral spend”

By Funeral Director Daily / August 11, 2023 /

    “Out of sight, out of mind”.   That’s a refrain I’ve heard often.  Generally, it refers to when you have not seen somebody or something for a length of time then that person or that thing falls out of your thought process.  It’s common sense and it happens.   At Funeral Director Daily…

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Will “deflation” improve your margins?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 4, 2023 /

    “Deflationary forces will be the story of the season.”  That’s a headline I recently saw.   I receive three general business newsletters in my inbox every morning.  I woke up on Monday of this week with two of those newsletters headlining their newsletters with talk of inflation. . . more specifically, that talk…

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Is your message reaching the “Right” audience?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 1, 2023 /

    I think every funeral home owner and marketing directors of larger funeral home, crematory, and cemetery operations by now understands that social media has some say in how people perceive your business is operated and how it may take care of their family if and when necessary.   One big question, however, is…

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Who said, “Cemetery management is easy”?

By Funeral Director Daily / July 28, 2023 /

        For the most part, cemeteries are tranquil places where lot ownership, interments, and maintenance usually go off as planned and when they do people just don’t seem to notice all the good work and planning that has been done to accomplish that.  But, as this recent print and video news story…

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Smith Family Funeral Homes is #1 in Arkansas reader poll

By Funeral Director Daily / July 24, 2023 /

    In my research into Funeral Director Daily topics I see lots of articles like this from around the country.  What made me stop and consider this article for publishing is not only my knowledge of the Smith family, but a thought I had when reading the article.  That thought being. . . “You…

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Leadership: You need to “Stand Out” but still “Fit In”

By Funeral Director Daily / July 21, 2023 /

      It’s estimated that about 85% of North America’s funeral businesses are still family owned.  However, that number seems to be headed downward as the large national and regional consolidators seemingly accelerate their purchases of these family funeral homes when they come to market.   I think that increased rate of consolidation is…

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