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Want to build your brand? Try sponsoring a Death Cafe

I visited Baltimore and attended the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention earlier this month.  In earlier blog posts I’ve told you some overriding impressions that I had from that experience. . . and I told you I would be bringing you, in greater detail, some of my thoughts and observations. One of the phenomena that I see trending is what is termed as the “Death Positive” movement.  I think the Death Positive philosophy has been around for over a […]


Is your firm “Fit” for this new economic environment?

If you follow the stock markets and study them, you might have seen an “Open Letter” that Brad Gerstner, a principal at Altimeter Capital, and stockholder in Meta (formerly Facebook) sent to Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week.  You can read the letter here. Gerstner is still a stockholder and apparent fan of Meta.  However, he reminds Zuckerberg that Facebook – now Meta – has existed in a period where we have only had a low interest rate […]

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Tattoo preservation becoming more mainstream

If you haven’t noticed that families are continuing to look for new ways to memorialize their loved ones you haven’t been looking.  For many of us casketed burial with a monument for memorialization may be what we want or columbarium sheltering of cremated remains in a cemetery with memorialization recognition may be what we want.  That’s the way memorialization has historically been done. . . . But the new generation of mourners is looking for ways to memorialize loved ones […]

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The next frontier in death care customer acquisition and retention

Yesterday I teased that today I would introduce you to a company that is, in my opinion, far ahead of the curve in helping to meet today’s, and tomorrow’s consumers where they are in relation to looking at and committing to their death care plans. First of all, I want to tell you a little bit of how I see the world of information changing.  I’ve told you before that I’m an avid golfer  — not a good golfer, but […]

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The move to “Pre-Emptive” marketing

When you look to the past of funeral home marketing it is pretty accurate to say that many funeral homes “Got their names out there” and then waited for deaths to happen.  When I started in the business, our industry was as far from “Pre-Emptive” marketing as any industry. . . it’s just the way it worked. We didn’t want to wish bad things on to our future clients.  It just did not feel right to say, “When you die, […]


Funeral Director to be honored for role in 1972 Rapid City flood

In the 50th Anniversary year of the 1972 Rapid City Flood, funeral director Ozzie Osheim will be awarded, on October 21,  the Monsignor O’Connell Founders Award of the Catholic Social Services for his humanitarian role helping to care for the 238 who died in the then community of 40,000 people. The Rapid City Flood, according to Wikipedia, was caused by unique atmospheric conditions that caused “intense rain (to) began on the afternoon of June 9 and continued until after midnight […]


The Buzz in Baltimore

If you follow Funeral Director Daily with any regularity you will know that I returned from the 2022 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) International Convention last week.  This article, titled Back from Baltimore, published last week gave my general impressions on attending my first national convention in over a decade. In today’s article I’m going to try to list some of the “Buzz” that I heard while wondering and visiting the workshops, the convention floor, and just good heart-to-heart visits […]

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Transcend continues movement of forest into “product”

This article from Fast Company introduces us to a new start-up in the burial and memorialization space, Transcend.  Transcend, the brainchild of founder and CEO Matthew Kochmann, plans to be somewhat like Better Place Forests in that they will be bringing forests and trees into the realm of memorialization. Unlike Better Place Forests, where a mature tree is purchased as the base for interring cremated remains, Transcend will offer “tree burials” in which a full human body is buried.  According […]

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The great shift at Dignity plc

There is no doubt that the establishment of the company Pure Cremation (company website here) and its business of what they call “no-fuss” direct cremation is making an impact on the death care business in Great Britain.  Launched in 2015 as a low-cost provider of cremation services, the company is changing how some death care competitors do business. Dignity plc, is the county’s largest death care provider with, as of July 1, 2022, 756 funeral locations across the United Kingdom.  […]

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Funeral Director Daily is heading to Baltimore

It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a National Funeral Directors Association national convention.  But, tomorrow I’m heading off to Baltimore, Maryland, for the 2022 edition of the NFDA convention. I did not attend the NFDA Annual Convention during my funeral directing years very often.  I’ve always enjoyed the ones that I’ve went to but in my funeral directing and funeral home owner/manager days I always considered myself too busy with my local work to attend. Now, however, as […]