Could “Skimpflation” be part of your margin solution??

My wife, Angie, came home from the grocery store on Monday morning and showed me a bag of Honeycrisp apples that priced out at over $18. . . Now, I don’t buy the groceries, but I could tell from her reaction that this was a high price for these apples.  So, I think we know that inflation is here. My thought process today is, “How will that affect those of us in the death care business?” I also read an […]

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Funeral homes adding “assisted death” to service options

What some people term “Death with Dignity” is a growing movement that I confess to know little about.  However, the acronym MAID, which stands for “Medical Assistance in Dying” and is part of the Death with Dignity movement is becoming better known and accepted.  Legal in Canada since 2016 the Medical Assistance in Dying Movement has grown from about 1,000 instances in 2016 to about 7,600 instances in 2020. And, the Death with Dignity movement in also moving forward in […]


Can your funeral home capitalize on 2nd funerals?

I read this article from the Toronto Sun where Canadian funeral director Diane Moniz-Alves commented, “It has been quite traumatizing for families, not being able to have a proper funeral.”  And, last Spring I attended as a member of our funeral home a “family only” committal service simply because I wanted to pay my respects to some of the children whom I had went to school with. Basically, I represented the entire community at the committal. . . . had […]

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The Experiential Funeral

Via e-mail marketing the other day I received an invitation from our friends at the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) to take in a free webinar partially titled, “Families prefer experience over extravagance“.  The topic hit home with me and I think points out a very important detail about what the consumer public is willing to spend money on. . . . and why that may have an effect on how we offer our death care services to them. […]


The labor market and your funeral home

Over the weekend I read some articles pertaining to the secular world of business that I have tried to boil down to how they will affect the death care profession/industry.  One article from Yahoo Money is entitled “Making sense of the Twisted Sister labor market“.  You can read it here. That article points to what it calls the “Great Resignation” and how leaving the labor force for many is both stressing out workers left behind and giving those workers some […]


Zen Center, funeral home share space

I think there is a lot to be said about “businesses serving their community” in appropriate ways.  And, I think in funeral service as we move forward to more niche businesses that will become more and more evident. You can read in this article from the Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, how a funeral home and the island’s Zen Center have teamed up on an arrangement to co-habitate within a 1966 building that until recently served exclusively as a funeral home.  The […]


There is still value in radio ads for funeral homes

The Radio Advertising Landscape for Funeral Homes By Welton Hong   There are about 15,500 radio stations in the United States. Combined, they have an enormous audience: About 90% of the people in the country of almost any age listen to radio at least monthly. That makes radio a great place for funeral service advertising, even while many small businesses think radio ads are too expensive or that this traditional format is dead. In 2019, advertisers in the United States […]

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Challenges managing thru constant change

I’ve told you before that I get a lot of ideas for articles simply by seeing what is going on in “current events” and then trying to hypothesize how those current events will affect the death care industry.  I’m writing this column on Thursday, October 14, and during my workout this morning with the television on I saw a couple of statistics that reminded me how difficult it can be to manage a business through constant change.  . as compared […]

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Foundation Partners Group fuels growth through cremation

Recently Foundation Partners Group (FGP) issued this press release pertaining to an article which focused on their business and their business growth.  It was pointed out that Orlando-based FGP, companywide, is approaching a 90% cremation rate in a death care world where the overall cremation rate (in the United States) is close to approaching 60%.  In essence, Foundation Partners Group locations have a heavy cremation mix in their business. According to Chief Financial Officer Thomas Kominsky, quoted in the press […]

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A rise in case counts — Jake Johnson on how that can impact funeral home value

Editor’s Note:  A recent article that we published on the increasing United States death rate brought commentary from Jake Johnson of Funeral Director Daily sponsor Johnson Consulting Group.  Here’s Jake’s take on what increasing death rates may mean to your funeral home: A recent article by Funeral Director Daily was published on the national death rate in the U.S., with the expectation of climbing and no signs of normalizing soon. According to the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare […]