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Canadian Direct Cremation provider to expand

We learned in this article from Saltwire that Toronto, Ontario, based direct cremation provider Eirene is set to expand their services to the province of Nova Scotia. In business for two years in Ontario the provider offers a cremation package that includes death certificates, transportation, and estate administration support in addition to the removal of the deceased and delivery of the cremated remains in person to a home.  Eirene seems to have been moving their concept forward these past two […]

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Will the pandemic reshape how Americans deal with death?

I’ve mentioned before that things change in Death Care. . . . but they seem to change rather slowly and methodical.  We’ve seen a slow 40 year march to cremation being the most popular method of human disposition.  And we’ve seen a movement over the last century from home funerals, to funeral homes, to church funerals to what we now see as “Event Center” funerals or memorials. As a business person who owned a funeral home I was cognizant of […]

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“Decision Fatigue”. . . do you put your client families through it

Saturday was going to be a busy day of working in the yard for me.  So, after my morning bike ride I showered up and told Angie I’m going to McDonalds for some breakfast and a chance to sit down and read the newspaper before I got down to doing that work. As like so many places today they were short on help and there was no one at the order cash register and customers – McDonald’s like to call […]

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Memorial Day 2022. . . Remembering the “Candy Bomber”

Memorial Day where I grew up and continue to live, Alexandria, Minnesota, is the un-official start of the summer.  My community is surrounded by lakes and Summer is special. . . . all of the seasonal residents move to town and the community is also filled with tourists through Labor Day.  Golf and boating season are both here for their short, but sweet and appreciated, periods of time. For as long as I can remember I’ve kicked off Memorial Day […]

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The Heart of America

We are coming up on Memorial Day weekend.  For me it is always a time for reflection on the good that America has done over the years on the world stage and a time to honor and respect those that were willing to put their lives on the line for others.  That duty has always been that heart or fabric of what America is. However, there is another side of America that isn’t always respected or cared for and I […]


Here’s a benefit that you didn’t see coming

I operated a funeral home business for over 33 years.  When I started in 1980 the only benefits offered were health insurance and paid vacation.  Over the next 33 years we changed with the times and I came to approve benefits that included not only health care and paid vacation, but also a 401k -like profit sharing plan, the option for benefit money to be put towards child-care expenses, the ability for Aflac-like health incident coverage, employee retention agreements with […]

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Is a Pet Crematory in your future?

Every week as I’m looking researching through death care articles looking for topics to write on for Funeral Director Daily I will come across an article from some United States newspaper announcing that the local funeral home has just added pet cremation services to its line of service offerings. I’ve also seen, as this article from Business News Australia and a 2020 article from Funeral Director Daily point out, Australia’s largest funeral care provider, InvoCare, purchased two chains of pet […]

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Recognizing the “cusp of change”

I’m always on the look out for whatever I can find that puts me at the front edge of “change” in the death care profession.  Change in our profession used to happen pretty slow. . . . from home visitations to funeral homes, from wood caskets to metal caskets, to the slow methodical march of a society that now prefers cremation to earth burial. One of the great features and attributes of success of the generational family funeral homes over […]


Are we “Turning the Corner?”

In the last few weeks I have heard and seen a lot about about staffing issues in the death care world.  For instance, I recently had a discussion with Ryan Thogmartin of Connecting Directors and he told me that their surveys from owners and managers indicate that staffing, employee issues, and just simply getting enough people to do the jobs that need to be done in funeral homes is the number one concern of these management people at this time. […]


An “Address” that resonated with me

I read this article in the Metropolis (IL) Planet the other day.  And, quite frankly, it really resonated with me.  Part of the reason is that when I researched Metropolis it seemed much like the community that I grew up in. The article revolves around Metropolis funeral home owner and mortician Emily Farmer Loftus and her address as the keynote speaker at the Massac County High Schools Class of 2022 College and Career Signing Day on Friday April 29. You […]