How do you handle not being selected?

I’ve been involved in funeral service for over 40 years now and I don’t think I have ever seen an article on this subject.  How does a funeral home owner, manager, or employee react when a family chooses a competitor over them when they thought that family was firmly within the circle of a “solid client” relationship? Most funeral homes believe in themselves and believe that they give “better” service than those funeral homes that reside in their competitive market.  […]


The Acquisition Market: Should you buy or sell

From my point of view at Funeral Director Daily it has appeared to me that the acquisition market has been very quiet during the 2020 pandemic year.  If that is true it makes sense in that individual funeral homes were pretty well consumed with how to satisfy their clientele during the socially distanced period and just didn’t have the time to look into the succession market. The other day we received an unsolicited group e-mail  from our friends at Johnson […]


Give them the tools. . . and get out of the way

Last week I happened to watch President Biden when he addressed the nation pertaining to his recent signing of the latest stimulus bill, known as the “American Rescue Act”.  As I was watching for some reason my mind wandered to a managerial principle that I learned later in my career, but a principle that I needed to know to grow and build my business over the years. As I watched President Biden last Thursday night, which was March 11 — […]

Business Cremation

$5 footlongs . . . . and $695 cremations

Last week we commented on an article from funeral industry veteran Doug Gober.  That article encapsulated where Mr. Gober saw the investment money going in the death care industry.  We think Gober was right on in his assessment, but one of his insights . . . . .that of “the best way to add value to an existing funeral home is to add a crematory” brought a question from one of our readers that we think is interesting. That reader […]

Business Preneed

WilbertEDU a success. . . more CEU sessions offered

Three months ago in December 2020 Funeral Director Daily told you of a program Wilbert would be offering to death care professionals that would help those professionals keep up with their Continuing Education Units (CEU) at the end of the year.  We concluded that it was a great venture by Wilbert that would be really appreciated by those, including myself, who were slowed by the lack of in-person CEU classes during COVID 2020. Wilbert recently issued a press release that […]


A Year of COVID. . . what do we now know

While there has been some discrepancy on the case because of cruise ship involvement elsewhere, most people will say that the first COVID-19 death in America happened on February 28, 2020, in the Seattle area.  That’s just over a year ago. . . . what have we learned. . . what do we now know? COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic have changed some of our daily habits.  We know that. For Angie and I, our first change of habit occurred […]

Business Preneed

Do we listen to the consumer

Funeral home owners, cemetery operators, preneed professionals.  We’re the experts in the death care profession.  We know the business, we understand the clientele, and we know what is good for everybody.  Or do we? I’m guessing that is somewhat how the buggy whip manufacturers, horse livery operators, and sales reps in that industry thought of themselves while Henry Ford and others were going about changing the way American moved by figuring out a way to build an automobile at a […]

Business Finance

Australian funeral homes fare much differently than U.S. counterparts

The COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2020 and how countries geographic location and national responses to the situation could not be more different than you see in recent publicly owned funeral home companies’ annual reports. We’ve reported on the results of the United States Service Corporation International (SCI) and Carriage Services both in the last week.  At the end of last week we received early data and results from the two largest public funeral home operators in Australia and New […]

Business Finance

Where is the money going in Death Care

I recently read an interesting article, authored by funeral industry veteran Doug Gober, in the Memorial Business Journal published for members by the National Funeral Directors Association.  Gober, who’s been around the profession for a long time gave an interesting sequence of events beginning with when money flowed into the profession from the public companies. He continued by telling us that it is not only the large companies that have access to capital in this day and age, but smaller […]

Business Products

Recompose opens. . . . has clients

I’ve been an entrepreneur and have started some businesses outside of the death care realm. I think one of the things that happens to every entrepreneur who starts a business that is new and unique is that they open their doors for business and then wonder if anybody will purchase their goods and/or services.  No matter how many times you have started a business. . . .I think that exact moment you are open for business is somewhat nerve wracking. […]