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COVID-19 and Cremation. . .more cremation. . what could it mean

The last thing I want to do with Funeral Director Daily is get into political sides of issues.  And, I will try to once again straddle the line today with this article I entitle “COVID-19 and Cremation. . more cremation. . what could it mean”.  I happened to see this article entitled “The COVID-19 Cremation Trend” from Next Avenue and tried to use it while looking up statistics from the Center for Disease Control to understand the phenomena as it […]


Death Care and the possible new orientation

Yesterday we published an article dealing with the potential $1 billion value of a consolidated group of companies that serve the death care space.  Yet, to my knowledge, not one of these companies deals with the physical aspect of taking care of the deceased human being.   I was, and still am,  somewhat astonished at that amount of money for some companies that, in my opinion, are ancillary to what I would call “the process of death care”. It made me […]


Know your responsibilities with live streaming

Every once in a while I read an article and I think to myself, “Wow, that should never have happened”.  However, if I’m honest with myself, I can see how that did happen and usually think about what my mom used to say, “If not for the grace of God, there go I”, because it could happen to me if I was not careful. Anyone who has spent any time in a preparation room in the funeral home might have […]


How’s your public relations

Positive public relations can do more good for a business than any amount of advertising money spent.  Public relations looks at the “good” in us to do things, not for the profitability aspect, but for the goodness to the community.  That’s not to say that “goodness for the community” does not help in reaching those profit points.  There is nothing wrong with being “good” and at the same time projecting a positive image for your business. And, it also appears […]


Are you ready for 2021. . . ready, set, Buy!

Over the years I’ve moved from really long-range planning about my business to a method where I plan for shorter durations.  I think my move has coincided with many who have went from developing long range “strategic” plans to plans that are shorter in duration, less set in stone, and allow a business to be more flexible and nimble as situations change. I think that trend has come to business in just the last several years, simply because “change’ in […]


The Post-COVID future of death care

In the past week we’ve seen news that a vaccine or vaccines against the virus that causes COVID-19 are rapidly advancing in clinical trials.  It’s lead me to think about a post-COVID world and, specifically, a post-COVID world in the future of death care.  I’ve also had the experience of visiting with a couple of funeral director friends and a dentist friend in passing about the nature of their businesses going forward. My dentist friend, who is open and practicing […]

Business Preneed Regulations

Weekend Edition: SCI receives economic development aid, a difference of opinion in Winnipeg, a preneed ratings downgrade

It is somewhat unbelievable to me how fast we have moved from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but here we are.  Among the American debate, many schools are opening, the election is soon here, and the one constant is that those in the funeral profession continue to give comfort and guidance to those in need. Today’s edition brings you three features including plans by Service Corporation International to greatly expand its New Orleans based accounting operations, a funeral home owner […]


Three Components of an Exemplary Funeral Home

What makes a funeral home exemplary? The funeral profession is filled to the brim with multiple players, but as in any competitive field, only a few businesses rise to the top. These funeral homes embody certain characteristics that elevate them above the competition. Here are the top three components of exceptional funeral homes. Owners Who Go Above and Beyond Paying attention to the details is expected in the funeral profession, but funeral homes that consistently go above and beyond to […]


What employee benefits do you give?. . .get?

On Tuesday the Hormel Corporation announced a new employee benefit available to all United States Hormel Corporation employees.  This benefit, that they are calling “Inspired Pathways”, will pay for two-years of community or junior college tuition for all children of the aforementioned Hormel employees. You can read an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune here or a shorter article from Minnesota CBS Local here. Here’s what Hormel Corporation CEO Jim Snee said of this decision, “. . . . .we […]

Business Regulations

British funeral pricing policy investigation ends

As you may know, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) set out to investigate the pricing practices of the death care industry in that country in March of 2019.  They now have concluded the investigation with some findings but also indicated that “further change in the sector is necessary but some of the remedies we were considering could not safely be introduced in the middle of a national emergency (The COVID-19 pandemic)”.  They further stated, “Our proposals will […]