Top-read articles for the past 30 days

We’ve already passed the mid-point of November and that means that Funeral Director Daily will go back over the past 30 days and let our readers catch-up with the Top Read articles in that time period.

And, we are happy to tell you that we seem to have passed a point where we now consistently have over 15,000 monthly page-views on a rolling 30-day basis.  That’s a long way from where we started and in just the past 26 months we’ve increased page-views 69% – that’s an increase since September 2020 of approximately 32% annualized growth since that time period.  Thanks to you all for telling others about us!

Here’s the Top-Read article from Funeral Director Daily over the past 30 days:

  1. SCI settles “Deceptive sales” lawsuit for $209 million.
  2. Federal Trade Commission apparently set to revise “Funeral Rule”
  3. The next frontier in death care customer acquisition and retention
  4. SCI sees “more mortality” than expected. . . . What’s behind it?. . .I don’t think this will surprise you.
  5. The Buzz in Baltimore

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