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It is the middle of April and time for us to bring you a list of the top read stories on Funeral Director Daily over the past 30 days.  We know many of you are too busy to check in every day and this new feature lets you take a binge look at what you may have missed on those busy days.  Here are our Top Read stories from March 15 to April 15.

It will give you some good reading material heading into the weekend.

  1. Independent operators. . . .know your value.
  2. Bringing your public image to reality
  3. The Acquisition market:  Should you buy or sell?
  4. Small town funeral homes. . . going concerns, satellites, or gone?
  5. Pure Cremation unveils new advertising spots

From Clifton Larson Allen:  A short document for investors entitled, “6 market trends that could alter your path to financial security.”


From NFDA:  FEMA Covid-19 Funeral Assistance page

From NFDA:  Emerging Leaders Program information and application page

From NFDA:  Free Webinar — “How kindness can transform your bottom line”.  Scheduled for Wednesday, April 21.

From CANA (The Cremation Association of North America):  Free Webinar —  “Meeting Families where they are — How to leverage cremation trends to your advantage”.  Scheduled for Wednesday, April 28

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As you go into the weekend, here’s a couple of things that I read this week. . . . . .

Trends:  For American office workers free lunches, naps, and yoga are out and nature, sustainability, and wellbeing are in. . . .

Finally, I saw this quote and it gave me a laugh:

  • “People sentenced to house arrest last year really lucked out timing wise.”

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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