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Only about a week ago Funeral Director Daily brought to our readers some new promotional spots by direct cremation start-up Solace.  We told you that we liked them and then linked them for you to view.  You can see that article here.

We also told you in that article that we have been big fans of the apparent business plan and execution of such for the United Kingdom’s Pure Cremation.  We added links to their thoughtful ads promoting direct cremation in a no fuss, no funeral manner.

The next day I received an e-mail from Bryan Powell, CEO of Pure Cremation, and an avid reader of Funeral Director Daily.  Bryan told me that if we had only waited a couple of days we would be able to see their newly created ads and present them to our readers.  Here they are:

I also received, via a general distribution e-mail, a 90-second promotional entitled “A Merger and Acquisition Minute” featuring Johnson Consulting Group’s  President and CEO Jake Johnson describing a little about that subject in just 90 seconds. Here is the link to that:

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