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Random thoughts on retail sales, funeral home restrictions, revenues, and acquisitions

Where were you when you first realized that the coronavirus may be something serious and you changed your course of habits to manage your lifestyle more safely?  Angie and I were on a scheduled flight out of Honolulu returning to Minneapolis on February 1, the day after President Trump had instituted the flight ban from China.  I remember wiping our seats down with clean wipes. . .something I had never done before. So, we have now had a little over […]


Propel Funeral Partners reports 9 months of 2020

Propel Funeral Partners, the Australian and New Zealand based operator of funeral homes and crematoria, reported last week that their revenue for the latest 9 month period had been AUS $ 85.0 million ($55.25 m in U.S. $) as compared to AUS $69.9 million (US$ 45.24 m) for the prior year.  That is a 22% jump in revenues for the company which owns and operates 129 locations that includes 31 cremation facilities and nine cemeteries. Nine month operating EBIDTA for […]


Acquisitions keep on rolling around the world

There are a lot of reasons that businesses, including funeral homes, change operational and ownership hands.  Sometimes a single proprietor gets a price that he just can’t turn down.  Sometimes a single proprietor just wants to retire and either has no family to go into the business or family that wants to pursue other goals and ambitions. Sometimes the transaction is spurred by the acquiring company that wants to get larger and has ideas where, through operational efficiencies and promotion,  […]


InvoCare operating earnings decline

InvoCare Limited, the largest public company in the death care space serving Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore reported half-year earnings which indicate that Operating Earnings after tax dropped 5.2% to AUS $22.3 million from last year’s AUS $23.6 million.  In somewhat of an interesting note, Net Profits increased 97% to AUS $41.4 million because of “Earnings on Pre-Paid Funeral Funds.”  You can read more about the report from InvoCare here. Sales revenue for InvoCare grew to AUS $ 241.5 million […]


InvoCare to raise $65 million

Australian public company funeral services provider InvoCare announced over the weekend that they successfully completed an underwritten institutional placement of A $65 million (about $US 46 million).  You can read about and see a news clip from the Australia Finance News Network here. InvoCare says that the capital raise will be applied to their strategic growth initiative.  The company also says it is excited by its growth outlook and its Regional Growth Strategy. Funeral Director Daily take:  We think that […]


Acquisition News — Foundation Partners/InvoCare

Foundation Partners, based in Orlando, Florida recently announced that they had made an acquisition to their family of brands.  They announced that they had acquired Legacy Funeral & Cremation Care in San Diego County, California.  You can read a press release here. The purchase from the Savino family represents an opening into the San Diego market for Foundation Partners. Legacy appears to be a low cost provider of cremation services with their web-site listing Direct Cremation beginning at $895 and […]


In The News. . . .

We will finish out the week letting you know some of the things that happened over the week without much editorial comment.  Have a great weekend and for those of our readers in the United States. . .Happy Labor Day on Monday!! Special Hearse for Aretha Franklin.  Click here to see a photo of the transportation of deceased singer Aretha Franklin’s body to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit.  A special hearse built in 1940 […]


Looking from the Outside In

Sometimes when you really need to know about your business, you should listen to somebody from the outside.  They see that perspective from another view — and many times it is the view that Mr. Outside can see that Mr. Inside has overlooked. So, today, I have found two articles from the people on the outside — people who follow the stock market — and their perspective on the funeral industry that we maybe don’t always see. First, here is […]


Propel Funeral Partners Stock Rising

Propel Funeral Partners, the funeral home, cremation, and cemetery company that serves Australia and New Zealand is seeing their stock continue to rise since their initial public offering (IPO) in November.  According to an article in the Motley Fool from December 27, 2017, the stock has moved from an IPO price of AUS $2.70 to a price of AUS $3.30 and in checking today, to a price of AUS $3.44.  That’s an approximate price increase of 27% in the first […]


Not Just an American Phenomena

Over the last week I ran into an article in the Australian news about the funeral service provider Propel Funeral Partners.  You can read the article for yourself here. Propel Funeral Partners has been in business for over five years but just last week took its stock public on the Australian Stock Exchange raising $131 million (Australian).  The equity raise will be used to eliminate any debt the company had in building its business to 80 units from its 2012 […]