Propel Funeral Partners makes acquisition. . . . enters pet business

Propel Funeral Partners, billed as the 2nd largest provider of death care services in Australia and New Zealand  announced last week its acquisition of Community Funerals and Cremations for Pets.  Community Funerals operates from four locations in and around Cairns, Queensland, and was founded in 2008.  Cremations for Pets was founded in 2017.

The business combination will bring about 250 funerals per year to Propel Funeral Partners and will introduce the company to the pet cremation business with about 400 pet cremations now being done annually by Cremations for Pets.

Propel Funeral Partners, in acquiring these companies is making good on its statement of “acquiring and/or establishing death care assets, such as funeral homes, cemeteries and crematoria, and related property and infrastructure”.  The pet cremation business would come under the related properties and infrastructure segment.

Here is an article on the acquisition.

Here is the Propel Funeral Partners website.

Funeral Director Daily take:  It wasn’t quite two years ago when we featured this article entitled, “Australia’s InvoCare pays $36.4 million for pet cremation business”.  InvoCare, Australia’s largest death care provider, went into pet cremation in a big way by purchasing two existing pet cremation businesses that were said to do a combined total of 66,000 pet cremations annually at the time.

It’s interesting to note that Propel Funeral Partners is now also looking to grow their death care and memorialization businesses by adding pet cremation to the mix of products offered.

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