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Good Grief to be seen in USA, Canada, and Great Britain

It was announced recently that the New Zealand comedy series, Good Grief, has had its North American and United Kingdom rights purchased by the AMC Network.  You can see a clip of the series here. The series, which is entering its second season, is co-created and co-written by Eve and Grace Palmer who also star in the series as Ellie and Gwen Goode.  According to this article from Deadline, “it is a comedy series set in small New Zealand town […]

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Australian funeral homes fare much differently than U.S. counterparts

The COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2020 and how countries geographic location and national responses to the situation could not be more different than you see in recent publicly owned funeral home companies’ annual reports. We’ve reported on the results of the United States Service Corporation International (SCI) and Carriage Services both in the last week.  At the end of last week we received early data and results from the two largest public funeral home operators in Australia and New […]


InvoCare invests in new cloud and bandwidth technology

Sometimes the way we communicate is overlooked and can, over time, creep costs upward and move operational productivity down at the same time.  Things like internet services and the providers that we use need to be reviewed every so often. InvoCare, which operates 290 funeral locations and 16 cemeteries across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore just made a decision to make sure that all locations had the bandwidth and network capacity to make sure that they could live stream funeral […]


From pizza dough to the embalming room

Today we bring you this great human interest story of 21 year old New Zealand funeral director and embalmer Ethyn Milliken.  In today’s world where it is sometimes hard to find employees in the funeral profession you will see from this story that great future funeral directors may be just around the corner or that guy that just delivered your pizza. According to the article, Ethyn Milliken was a 17 year old working at Domino’s Pizza and wondering what to […]


InvoCare adds two heritage funeral homes in New Zealand

InvoCare Limited, the market leading funeral home firm in Australia, announced Friday that it will be closing on two acquisitions from the South Island of New Zealand on June 22.  You can read a clip about this from Motley Fool Australia here. The company will acquire Hope and Sons Funeral Directors in Dunedin and  Whitestone Funerals in Oamaru.  According to the article, Hope and Sons has been in business for 130 years and is in its fifth generation of ownership.  […]


Propel Funeral Partners Stock Rising

Propel Funeral Partners, the funeral home, cremation, and cemetery company that serves Australia and New Zealand is seeing their stock continue to rise since their initial public offering (IPO) in November.  According to an article in the Motley Fool from December 27, 2017, the stock has moved from an IPO price of AUS $2.70 to a price of AUS $3.30 and in checking today, to a price of AUS $3.44.  That’s an approximate price increase of 27% in the first […]