From pizza dough to the embalming room

Today we bring you this great human interest story of 21 year old New Zealand funeral director and embalmer Ethyn Milliken.  In today’s world where it is sometimes hard to find employees in the funeral profession you will see from this story that great future funeral directors may be just around the corner or that guy that just delivered your pizza.

According to the article, Ethyn Milliken was a 17 year old working at Domino’s Pizza and wondering what to do with his life.  The article says that he had the grades to become a doctor or lawyer and a scientific bent, but also wanted to help people as he moved through life.  He saw an ad for an embalmer and, thinking through what that might entail, has changed his life.

It also brought a great employee to the Evans Funeral Service.

The now 21 year old was recently named the top overall graduate in completing his New Zealand Diploma in Embalming.

We present this article today as a case study to all of  those in the funeral profession who are looking for employees.  That next great employee might be right around you all the time but is not aware of possible employment opportunities in the funeral profession.  One thing that we have been told that is working in some locales is to put brochures for your local mortuary education college in a conspicuous spot in your funeral home.  Young people there for grandpa or grandma’s visitation may take a look at it and inquire of you.

Thinking outside the box to get that next great professional may well be worth it for your business.

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