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Arlington Cemetery Part 3: A personal story

When I researched and wrote a story about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being buried at Arlington National Cemetery little did I know it would lead to a Three-part series with Funeral Director Daily.  However, the story triggered some memories in my life on what I knew about Arlington and, in today’s article, how I as a small town funeral director personally arranged burials there.  I hope I’m not boring you with these stories. As a small town funeral director, in […]

Cemetery Regulations

Joe Louis and Arlington National Cemetery

We gave a little history on Arlington National Cemetery in yesterday’s edition of Funeral Director Daily.  As a follow-up to that I promised a little more today. I had always heard that the eligibility requirements for interment in Arlington National Cemetery  were more stringent than in the other Veteran’s National Cemeteries scattered across the country. . . and they are.  I had also heard that former World Heavyweight boxing champion, Joe Louis, was interred in Arlington National Cemetery without satisfying […]

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Weekend Edition: Honoring our Veterans. . . a couple of different ways

As we head into the weekend we will leave you with a couple of different ways that a cemetery and a funeral home honored the veterans that they feel privileged to serve.  In Pennsylvania the cemetery at Belleman’s Church was the scene of last Sunday’s Allegiance Sunday ceremony.  Allegiance Sunday signifies the day in 1778 when German colonists in Berks County pledged their oath to the fledgling government of the United States. The ceremony “recalled the service and sacrifice of […]

Cemetery Regulations

A Memorial Day like no other

Monday will bring Memorial Day to those of us in the United States.  It is a day like none other.  Not only does it serve as the weekend when summer begins, but it ultimately is the day all Americans should solemnly, sometime during the day, ponder and give thanks to all who were willing to serve in our country’s armed forces and be ready to give their life for the values that America stands for. Today’s holiday is born out […]


With space issues looming, Army proposes new rules for eligibility at Arlington

According to this article from the Washington Post, new rules are being proposed on who can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery because of space issues.  In the article, Karen Durham-Aguilera, the cemetery’s executive director states, “Our reality is that we are running out of space.  Without any changes in eligibility we will be full for first burials by the year 2041.  To be able to keep Arlington National Cemetery open and active well into the future. . .we’re going […]

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Giving Service to Those Who Served

If you have read Funeral Director Daily for any length of time you will know – that while I did not have the privilege to serve in the United States Armed Forces – I truly admire and have always enjoyed serving those that did.  I still get goosebumps, even after thirty-five years of being a funeral director when at the conclusion of a grave side service, Taps is played and a uniformed personnel steps up to the mourning family and […]