Will the coronavirus change how we grieve

By Funeral Director Daily / February 4, 2021 /

For those of you readers who are not funeral directors, have you attended a funeral in the last six months?  I haven’t. . . . and I cannot remember when the last time I attended a funeral was. Truth be told, since I have left full-time funeral directing and management, I have chosen to go…

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” . . It’s counter intuitive to my livelihood”

By Funeral Director Daily / December 30, 2020 /

Louisiana funeral director George Charlet has summed up the cautions surrounding this year of COVID-19 deaths when he was faced with the idea of his mother going to a funeral.   He commented on that idea by saying, “I just kind of wish people used more caution and took advantage of writing a condolence letter.   It’s…

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The humanity of being a funeral director

By Funeral Director Daily / November 2, 2020 /

This isn’t what I was planning to write about an hour ago.  It’s Friday as I write this and earlier this morning I was on the treadmill watching CNBC with Jim Cramer as he was interviewing Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.  I thought the interview was very informative on how Starbucks was using the pandemic, that…

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It’s not such a somber place anymore

By Funeral Director Daily / October 28, 2020 /

My first real recollection of a funeral was when my father’s mother, my grandmother, died when I was five years old.  And, interestingly enough, even with my family in the funeral profession, what I remember about the “funeral” was not being allowed to go.  I can actually remember being held at home with a babysitter,…

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Will the pandemic change our grief

By Funeral Director Daily / April 30, 2020 /

Human emotions are an interesting dynamic.  The human species can go in and out of emotions and many times not even help themselves in that process.  Think about “fear”.  You’ve been separated from your group on a camping and canoe outing and you don’t know where anybody else is. . . .fear might overcome you.…

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The Anatomy of Grief and Why We Do What We Do

By Funeral Director Daily / August 14, 2018 /

Sometimes it is just a good feeling to be reminded as funeral directors as to why we do what we do.  Very often, including on this site, we talk about all the business aspects of funeral service.  However, I learned during my time as a funeral home business owner, if we follow the pretense of…

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The Process vs. The Product

By Funeral Director Daily / June 27, 2018 /

Within the last month a reader commented on one of our postings with the comment, “The process is always greater than the product”.  I recently went through an automobile purchase for my 20 year old and can argue that I don’t really believe that statement to be true all the time.  In this case, I…

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