Study finds 23% grieve alone

By Funeral Director Daily / August 30, 2023 /

    Grief is a tough issue.  It is not linear and does not follow any time lines or schedules.  Grief is unique.  And, there is no doubt that each of us grieves differently. . . .and, differently in different death scenarios.  For instance, you may grieve a death of a great aunt who you…

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Is “Bereavement” tougher and less healthy in the digital era?

By Funeral Director Daily / April 12, 2023 /

    I’m no expert on this subject so this column will ask a lot of questions but probably won’t answer many.  It’s an exercise that I like to do once in a while because it really causes me to think deeply.  I hope it does the same for you.   In my days as…

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Children survivors: 12 year-old leads rally for “Bereavement classes” to be taught in public schools

By Funeral Director Daily / January 17, 2023 /

  My younger brother, Jim, and I learned about the death of a parent the hard way.  I was a 19 year-old Freshman in college and he was a 15 year-old Sophomore in high school when our father died of a sudden heart attack while servicing a funeral.   Immy Leith learned the hard way,…

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Uvalde funeral directors say “They’ll never be the same”

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2022 /

Back when I was in mortuary school I read a book entitled something like “Who takes care of the Caretaker“.  While there are other books with titles similar to that published later than the 1970’s I cannot locate the book I read, nor do I remember the author of it. Quite frankly, that’s not real…

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Thoughts about serving humanity in our profession

By Funeral Director Daily / September 7, 2022 /

If you have followed Funeral Director Daily for any length of time you know that I like to write articles about business.  Sometimes I know that I get a little “heavy” on the business articles.  However, I also try to put information on other subjects out there to keep a variety of topics at the…

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The funeral home as the “Heart of the Community”

By Funeral Director Daily / August 3, 2022 /

As I research articles for Funeral Director Daily I come across lots of local newspaper articles dealing with anniversary years of funeral homes.  The vast majority are from small town newspapers and tell of the longevity of many of these family owned firms. Last week I found this article from the Herald-Dispatch of Huntington, West…

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Grief: It softens but lingers. . . . do we ever get over it?

By Funeral Director Daily / July 12, 2022 /

My summer exercise program consists of running 2 1/2 miles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and bike riding 5-6 miles, depending on the route on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  I’ve told the readers of this column before that my usual Saturday morning ride brings me from my house on the south side of of our…

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What about Closure?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 5, 2021 /

It’s Friday.  How about we take a couple of minutes to think about how death, dying, grief, and funerals deal with what is always termed as “Closure”.  Are you aware of how often we use the term?  What does it mean?  Do our client families desire this? I bring up the subject because this past…

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Can your funeral home capitalize on 2nd funerals?

By Funeral Director Daily / October 28, 2021 /

I read this article from the Toronto Sun where Canadian funeral director Diane Moniz-Alves commented, “It has been quite traumatizing for families, not being able to have a proper funeral.”  And, last Spring I attended as a member of our funeral home a “family only” committal service simply because I wanted to pay my respects…

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The sky is not falling

By Funeral Director Daily / July 1, 2021 /

I was somewhat amused as I watched this television news report from ABC News 11 in North Carolina.  The story is entitled, “For the first time there are more cremations than burials in North Carolina:  What is behind the change?”  I wasn’t amused due to the story line, what somewhat amused me is the anchor…

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