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Business Regulations

The vaccine mandate. . . your business, your employees

“We have been patient.  But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost us all.”  According to this article from Yahoo Finance, those were the words of President Joe Biden when he announced last Thursday the upcoming Covid-19 vaccine mandates for American businesses. According to this article from Yahoo Finance, “a new Labor Department “emergency temporary standard” will require all companies with 100 employees or more to assure all workers are vaccinated against the coronavirus, or test unvaccinated […]

Cremation Preneed Regulations

Death care receives criticism on three continents

I’ve operated and managed a thriving funeral home.  If you’ve been there and done it. . . you know it is 24/7/365. . . .not many days go by when you don’t worry about something.  And, I’ve dealt with grieving family members, regulators, and the consumer movement too.  When you operate a community funeral home, there is a lot to do. . . . . and a lot of people who will tell you how to do it better — […]

Business Regulations

British funeral pricing policy investigation ends

As you may know, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) set out to investigate the pricing practices of the death care industry in that country in March of 2019.  They now have concluded the investigation with some findings but also indicated that “further change in the sector is necessary but some of the remedies we were considering could not safely be introduced in the middle of a national emergency (The COVID-19 pandemic)”.  They further stated, “Our proposals will […]


Attorneys general call for enhanced consumer protection

As you may well know, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Funeral Rule” is up for review at this time.  The FTC has also extended the deadline for interested parties to submit comments to the agency to June 15, 2020, from the original April 14, 2020 date. The FTC Funeral Rule was first enacted in 1982 and follows the FTC’s guidelines to promote competition, and protect and educate consumers.  According to this article from the Daily Independent of Peoria, Arizona, “The […]


Some things we found interesting in 2019

There has been a lot of news in the death care profession in 2019.  There is always the finance news and what is happening with the public companies on the merger and acquisition front.  And, this year we are seeing the fight that StoneMor Partners is putting up to try to become relevant in the funeral, cemetery, and memorial business once again. As we move through January we will give our opinions on what is happening in what I term […]


Consumer issues and complaints in the death care industry

It was a different day and age 30-40 years ago when funeral directors and those in the funeral profession were sought out for their opinions on anything death care related.  Opinions were given and communities and consumers accepted the educated opinions of the death care professionals.  It may be that funeral directors and others in the business didn’t always know the right and proper ways for everything, but adequate care was given to all issues and that seemed to suffice. […]


Around the Globe: Funeral News from Australia and Spain

Australia – After a series of high profile abuses of the financial services industry in Australia in the last couple of years, the Australian government commissioned High Court Justice and royal commissioner Kenneth Hayne to investigate the complete financial services industry and come up with some ideas on how to regulate such. That report has now been issued and Justice Hayne has issued what this news report calls a “damning final report” on the industries that touch almost every Australian.  […]

Cemetery Regulations

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Combo Ban

On Wednesday the Supreme Court of the State of Wisconsin issued its ruling on whether combination units consisting of a funeral home and cemetery can be under single ownership interests.  The Supreme Court, in a 5-2 vote, upheld the ban against single ownership.  You can read an article on the decision here. The court ruled that the laws in question do not violate the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution or the State of Wisconsin.  Furthermore, they ruled that […]


The Colorado Conundrum

There is sometimes a reckoning point when an issue in an industry becomes so clear that everybody recognizes it and a high profile newspaper investigates it to make the public aware.  That happened this weekend when the Denver Post published this article on what has been going on in Colorado in the last year. We have written about it here and the “it” we refer to is the operation of the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home in Montrose, Colorado, by purported […]


West Virginia: Audit Says State Should End Funeral Service Board

Members of the West Virginia’s Performance Evaluation and Research  Division (PERD) were called on to evaluate why funeral director  Chad Harding was allowed to maintain his license while being investigated and was found to have violated the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act and the West Virginia Preneed Funeral Contracts Act along with committing fraudulent acts.  Harding had been ordered by a federal judge to pay nearly $3 million to Homesteaders Life Insurance Company after cashing in the policies […]