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Death care suppliers. . . .they are busy too

By Funeral Director Daily / January 20, 2021 /

Funeral Director Daily has written a lot of articles in the past year about how busy funeral homes have been with death calls.  It’s just the way it has been for funeral homes in the year of COVID. What we have not done is find any articles on how suppliers are very busy.  We have…

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Another funeral tech firm raises capital

By Funeral Director Daily / November 9, 2020 /

On Friday we published an article about funeral FinTech and software firm Tribute Technology fetching a reported “more than a billion” dollar amount when sold.  That same day we learned in this article that an Idaho funeral tech firm had just received a $4 million venture fund investment from Pelion Venture Partners based in Utah.…

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Looking for a new funeral coach — how about a Tesla?

By Funeral Director Daily / August 25, 2020 /

  For almost 35 years I operated a funeral home and most of what I did there I thoroughly enjoyed. . . especially the part that was directly working with the families that were in need of funeral service help at the time.  I felt privileged that they would let me into the family discussions…

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Afternoon edition: Like a wedding registry, “Tap’n Go” may be new addition to death care

By Funeral Director Daily / August 19, 2020 /

Today’s feature article in Funeral Director Daily’s Afternoon edition comes to us from the Lifestyle section of the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald.  It delves into the options for families and friends to contribute to funeral costs or charities at Sydney Funerals. Sydney Funerals has launched a free service they call “Tap a Little Contribution” (TLC). …

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Our colleagues and friends aiding the effort

By Funeral Director Daily / April 15, 2020 /

One of the great things in being part of the funeral, cremation, cemetery, and its supply business is that, as you work in it over time, you realize that it is a pretty small professional world and you get to know lots of people and lots of companies in the realm.  Also, you realize that…

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New product – Parting Stone – wins award

By Funeral Director Daily / February 5, 2020 /

Just yesterday Funeral Director Daily featured an article about staying positive about changes that come within the industry.  We wrote about changes in funeral service over the last 150 years and how figuring out how you can enhance your service with those changes is what keeps funeral homes relevant to death care consumers. Today, we…

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Funeral Director / Entrepreneur wins competition with funeral product

By Funeral Director Daily / December 12, 2019 /

David Murphy is not only a funeral director but he is well on his way to becoming the owner of a successful manufacturing business.  Murphy, a funeral director at the Newark, New York, family firm, Paul L. Murphy & Son Funeral Home recently was awarded $40,000 as the First Place recipient of the Wayne County…

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Australia’s LifeArt Coffins on the Market

By Funeral Director Daily / March 27, 2018 /

The other day I was doing some research for the “Finance” portion of Funeral Director Daily.  I like to search public companies world-wide who compete in the death care space and learn where I might be able to make a good investment for the long haul.  In any regard, I was researching InvoCare Limited, Australia’s…

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Gloryboats on the Market

By Funeral Director Daily / January 29, 2018 /

As you know I live in Greater Minnesota (that area that is not in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex) in an area where fishing and duck hunting is very popular.  Just the other day I was introduced to a product in the funeral industry that maybe has some potential in my area.  That product is Gloryboat…

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