Looking for a new funeral coach — how about a Tesla?

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For almost 35 years I operated a funeral home and most of what I did there I thoroughly enjoyed. . . especially the part that was directly working with the families that were in need of funeral service help at the time.  I felt privileged that they would let me into the family discussions about how they would celebrate and memorialize their relative.  To me that was an honor.

One of the things that I did not enjoy was purchasing and maintaining a fleet of cars.  We had hearses, limousines, flower vans, and removal vans in our fleet all painted in the Anderson Funeral Home color of solid black with a gold accent stripe.  I must admit, lined up one after another they looked pretty good.

However, I delegated the automobile fleet to one of the staff because I’m not very good with mechanical things including cars.  I also didn’t enjoy the “trading or bartering” that seems to go with car sales.  Luckily, much like technology purchases at our funeral home, I had a staff member that enjoyed this type of thing and was very good at it.

I know, however,  that there are a lot of you that do enjoy cars.  That is why I pulled this article entitled “The UK gets a Tesla Model S hearse” for today’s publication.  The article, from Clean Technica, goes on to tell of United Kingdom based funeral vehicle provider Coleman Milne and their Tesla Model S that they have remade into a hearse for death care use.

The article, with photos, explains that “electrical vehicles are ideal for funerals.  They cut carbon and pollution, which lead to premature death, and they are nearly silent, providing a more peaceful environment.”

The model you can see in the article is an all-wheel drive Tesla Model S that would sell for about US $102,000.  Coleman Milne states that the driving range of the reconfigured Model S is 220 miles while the United States Environmental Protection Agency states that a regular 2020 Model S has a range of over 400 miles.

Coleman Milne comments on their Tesla funeral coach as such, “With state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the new all-electric hearse makes a very clear statement: the future drives electric. . . . . Silent, stylish and ideal for customers operating in Ultra Low Emission and Clean Air Zones across the country. The all-electric hearse also fulfills the rising customer demand for Eco-Funerals.”

In the article from Clean Technica you will also find a video of what is believed to be the first Tesla funeral coach from the Netherlands that made its debut at the 2016 Funeral Exhibition.

Here is the website for funeral coach provider Coleman Milne.

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