Afternoon edition: Like a wedding registry, “Tap’n Go” may be new addition to death care

Today’s feature article in Funeral Director Daily’s Afternoon edition comes to us from the Lifestyle section of the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald.  It delves into the options for families and friends to contribute to funeral costs or charities at Sydney Funerals.

Sydney Funerals has launched a free service they call “Tap a Little Contribution” (TLC).  Based a little on wedding registries and GoFundMe pages, the service allows family and friends to contribute to a deceased’s death care costs or the deceased’s favorite charity with a simple use of their cell phones.

Robyn Foster, the vice-president of the funeral Celebrants Association of Australia, said the idea was innovative and she expected other funeral providers to follow suit.

Here is the article from the Sydney Herald and here is the website for Sydney Funerals.  Finally, here is a page from the Sydney Funerals website that explains how Tap a Little Contribution works.

In other news today we tell you about the Crawford-Bowers Funeral Home of Killeen, Texas, and the Dignity Award for Excellence they received for being one of only six winners out of 611 locations.

We also have a link to Webinar information for a free webinar from Funeral Directors Life that will be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 20 at 10 am Central time.  The subject of the webinar is “What you need to know about applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness”.  Here is the link to that webinar.  

And finally, if you have been a funeral director, you have had the pleasure to partake in a post-funeral luncheon at a church.  We bring you an article on the arrest of an individual for the theft of 150 pounds of brisket that was on its way to a funeral luncheon.  The article makes a point that the funeral would go on as scheduled because “extra” brisket was ordered.  I used to sometimes say when crowds were larger than expected, “The parable of the feeding of the 5000 had nothing on the ladies in the church basements serving at funeral luncheons!!”

More from the world of Death Care:

Webinar Reminder:  “What you need to know about applying for PPP Loan Forgiveness.”  Thursday, August 20.  11 am Eastern Time, 10 am Central Time.  No charge.  Brought to us by Funeral Directors Life.

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