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2023: The Year of the Ancillary Sale

By Funeral Director Daily / January 2, 2023 /

  Last Friday I printed a story about five trends or happenings that I saw in calendar year 2022 and how they will relate to Death Care as we move into the future.  I’ve not been shy about saying two things are happening and will continue to happen.  Those two things are an increase in…

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The succession dilemma of rural funeral home ownership

By Funeral Director Daily / September 14, 2022 /

Over the past several weeks I’ve had several instances which caused me to wonder “What is going to happen to rural America’s home town, home-owned, funeral homes.”  Again, it has not been one thing, but a string of instances that have made me wonder about that. For instance, I know of firms in my state…

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Minnesota’s Wright Funeral Home finds new guardians after 141 years

By Funeral Director Daily / March 29, 2022 /

Steve Wright, 4th generation funeral director, recently announced that the Wright Funeral Home in Moorhead, Minnesota, had been sold to longtime employee funeral directors and brothers Adam and Bailey Nordin. The Wright Funeral Home dates back to 1881 and has grown and served the greater Moorhead-Fargo community for 141 years.  Steve Wright assumed full control…

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Is this the start of the M & A train we were told is coming down the tracks?

By Funeral Director Daily / December 23, 2021 /

A high number of Baby Boomers in ownership roles, the un-planned last two years of Covid-related operations, the thought of an increase in capital gains taxes. . . . . .those are all valid reasons that have many owners of funeral homes thinking of getting out of the ownership realm..  At the beginning of 2021…

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Random thoughts on retail sales, funeral home restrictions, revenues, and acquisitions

By Funeral Director Daily / June 19, 2020 /

Where were you when you first realized that the coronavirus may be something serious and you changed your course of habits to manage your lifestyle more safely?  Angie and I were on a scheduled flight out of Honolulu returning to Minneapolis on February 1, the day after President Trump had instituted the flight ban from…

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Service Corp purchases Louisiana based properties

By Funeral Director Daily / December 27, 2019 /

At least one source has indicated in a news story that Houston based Service Corporation International (SCI) has purchased historical family funeral business properties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report reported yesterday in this article that SCI has, at a minimum, purchased the property of the Rabenhorst Funeral Home in Baton…

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Where are the Opportunities?

By Funeral Director Daily / May 10, 2018 /

I spent three days last week at my annual funeral professional/death care professional golf event that I have attended almost every year since first being invited in 1991.  From my count, there are about 130-144 invited guests that enjoy three days with each other in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship. Most of the talk…

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Jake Johnson on the Merger and Acquisition Market

By Funeral Director Daily / April 10, 2018 /

With so much talk about the mergers and acquisitions in the death care industry of late, I thought it would be insightful to get the thoughts of Jake Johnson, President and CEO of Johnson Consulting Group on the subject. Mr. Johnson guides the company whom many consider to be the premier total solutions provider in…

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Newcomer Funeral Service Group purchases Dayton Property

By Funeral Director Daily / March 13, 2018 /

A sale was recorded last Monday in the Dayton, Ohio area pertaining to the purchase of land at 820 Miamisburg-Centerville Road according to property records reported by the Dayton Daily News.  The property, with seven acres of land, was owned by Schlientz-Moore Funeral Home and purchased by Warren Family Funeral Homes, Inc. According to the…

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Park Lawn Continues Acquisition Spree

By Funeral Director Daily / March 6, 2018 /

Yesterday Park Lawn Corporation announced another acquisition of a funeral home.  Fresh off the announced purchase of seven cemeteries in New York and New Jersey last week for a combined price of close to $50 million, the Toronto based company announced the purchase of the Billingsley Funeral Home in Huntsville, Ontario. In a press release…

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