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How Can Funeral Homes Sell “The Experience”?

By Funeral Director Daily / November 30, 2017 /

Trends and surveys show us that the younger the person is in America the more apt they are to value “Experiences” over “Assets”.  It is an interesting subject to me – as a younger part of the Baby Boom generation – I’ve always valued assets and usually have watched my money on the experiences.  Experiences…

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The Mergers and Acquisition Environment

By Funeral Director Daily / August 31, 2017 /

Yesterday I was reading the Business Section of the Minneapolis Tribune and saw an article entitled, “Corporate Deal Market Slows”.  It was an interesting article that had a couple of interesting premises and for someone who enjoys the business world it led to a good read and also allowed me to think of how the…

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Is Foundation Partners changing the Acquisition Paradigm

By Funeral Director Daily / August 18, 2017 /

Probably the worst kept secret in the funeral industry over the past 30 days or so has been the pending acquisition of Premier Care of Florida which includes several properties, most notably Anderson-McQueen Funeral and Cremation Centers of Florida, by Foundation Partners.  Anderson-McQueen, which serves the west coast Florida counties of Hillsborough and Pinellas, has…

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Value of Intangibles in a Funeral Home Sale

By Funeral Director Daily / July 19, 2017 /

I happened to be watching a funeral industry podcast today and this question was asked of the “Expert” , “What value to the sale are pre-arrangement contracts that are not tied to the funeral home, but could be moved?”  The expert’s answer was something like this, “Absolutely nothing.  They can be moved to a competing…

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