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Student debt affects mortuary students and mortuary workers as well

While I have not stayed up to date on the federal government dictates of the Biden administration, the moratorium on student debt payment is, I believe, ending on February 1, and may be extended.  The moratorium program has proven to be well received, as according to the article mentioned in the next paragraph, almost 90% of those with federal student loans are taking advantage of the moratorium. I had not thought of this program in the coronavirus relief measures until […]

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Career changes. . . can funeral service benefit?

I recently came across a couple of surveys of of American workers and their career satisfaction and thoughts of career changes.  One thing is certain. . .we are not in the 1960’s when young people were told to “get a good job, hold on to it, and retire with a pension”. We now know that individuals who follow that course of action will be few compared to those that probably work in multiple occupations during the course of their careers.  […]


Funeral director employment. . . where are we at? What can we do?

A couple of things have happened in the last week that made me wonder about the state of employment in the funeral director world.  In the past week I just happened to meet a gentleman, whom I’m guessing is in his early 30’s.  Sitting next to this gentleman at a coffee shop I learned that he was a former funeral director who is now in school to earn his RN degree in nursing. Then later in the week I had […]


In the Navy . . . . . .

Where you can find pleasure Search the world for treasure Learn science technology Where you can begin to make all of your dreams come true . . . In the Navy!! If you were my vintage and attended college in the late 1970’s you would recognize those words as the 1979 musical hit from The Village People entitled “In the Navy”. I’m not trying to relive my college years here but I thought of the song after reading this article […]


Minnesota – and the rest of the nation – will need funeral directors

I came across this article last week which describes the work of Victor Sweeney as the single funeral director in the rural Minnesota town of Warren.  Sweeney describes what he does and why he loves taking care of people at the time of death. The article also goes into the state of the profession in Minnesota where the mortuary classes at the state’s flagship university are dwindling in size.  Turning that enrollment picture around, as the article states, depends on […]


Will the Workforce Be There

On Friday I was lucky enough to get to go through what has became one of the funnest days of the year for me.  For the 4th straight year I was selected via my position on the University of Minnesota Board to participate in the commencement exercises for the school’s graduates of Mortuary Science program. In Minnesota, that program is our state’s only mortuary science curriculum and ends with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mortuary Science.  The commencement ceremony […]