Minnesota – and the rest of the nation – will need funeral directors

I came across this article last week which describes the work of Victor Sweeney as the single funeral director in the rural Minnesota town of Warren.  Sweeney describes what he does and why he loves taking care of people at the time of death.

The article also goes into the state of the profession in Minnesota where the mortuary classes at the state’s flagship university are dwindling in size.  Turning that enrollment picture around, as the article states, depends on letting young people know that funeral service is demanding, but also very rewarding.  The article points out that the 29-year old Sweeney has found that balance.

Getting young people to even think about a funeral service career is more difficult just in the fact that less young people are exposed to funeral services and celebrations simply because there seems to be less organized religion and grandparents are living longer past the date when young people may choose a career.

Related –– We also came across this article from a California local newspaper that described the difficult, but enjoyable work of two funeral directors in that state.

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  1. Victor M. Sweeney on January 3, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks for the kind response.
    This article got a lot of traction. At the end of the day: I’m just some guy.
    Keep up the good work here at the FDD.

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