Service Corp purchases Louisiana based properties

At least one source has indicated in a news story that Houston based Service Corporation International (SCI) has purchased historical family funeral business properties in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report reported yesterday in this article that SCI has, at a minimum, purchased the property of the Rabenhorst Funeral Home in Baton Rouge.

According to the Rabenhorst web-site that you can access here, the funeral business has two locations – Rabenhorst Downtown and Rabenhorst East.  According to the business’ history – which you can access here – Charles Rabbenhorst was a cabinetmaker by trade and in 1866 he “officially entered the funeral business”.

Funeral Director Daily take:  It was interesting for me to read the history of the Rabenhorst Funeral Home as the funeral home where I became the 4th generation funeral director started in much the same way.  My great-grandfather was a cabinet maker and as families in our small community approached him to build caskets, the funeral business took off.

Also, of note in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report article is that the information from the article came from land record purchases at the county courthouse.  That would indicate the the prices reported are for the real estate only, and not the sale price of the business.

Finally, in reading the history of the funeral home you realize the connection that the family had with the hometown university — Louisiana State University.  A 3rd generation family member, Harry A. Rabenhorst, spent 43 years serving LSU athletics as Assistant Football Coach, Head Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director and Athletic Director.  Interesting to me simply because I follow college athletics and tomorrow the LSU Tigers, the “Bayou Bengals”, will be participating as one of four teams in the quest for the championship in the College Football Playoffs.

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