Cemetery upkeep, price changes, and use

As we close out this Christmas week we thought we would share with you some information on cemeteries that we noticed in the news this week.

Our first news story and video comes to us from New Orleans and deals with the Lafayette Cemetery Number 1, which is being closed to visitors for the next six months to do maintenance to the cemetery.  The cemetery features above ground graves and tombs and over the years the vast amount of concrete in the cemetery has shifted and caused some issues.  In addition, tree roots have damaged the footings of some of the mausoleums.

A side note about the temporary closing of the cemetery is that tour operators of the city are disappointed in the short notice of the closings as Lafayette Cemetery Number 1 is a top attraction on tours of the city.  You can see the story and news video here.

Secondly, we move a nation north to the city of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada where the city has announced that city owned cemeteries will be having a price increase and an adjustment between columbaria and earth burial space because of the changes in percentages of deaths that result in cremation over earth burial.

You can see a story and news video on this topic here.

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