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Dignity plc and their price point pivot. . . . can they remain profitable?

2022 marked a point in the history of Great Britain’s largest death care provider, Dignity plc, where they planned to increase consumer market share for their services by lowering their prices.  What they maybe didn’t anticipate was the highest inflationary pressures in the last 40 years on the costs of their services to happen at the same time. It’s a certain mathematical formula that lower sales prices coupled with increased expenses will result in lower margins. . . and that […]


Dignity plc results are “mixed”

Dignity plc, Great Britain’s largest funeral home and crematory operator announced last week in this report that you can see from Morningstar, that their 1st Quarter 2022 revenues and operating profits fell considerably over the same period of 2021.  However, it also appears that Dignity plc was able to increase their market share for services conducted in Great Britain. Financial performance was affected by the decision of Dignity plc in September 2021 to reduce its prices to the consumer after […]


The Co-op enhances price Guarantee

According to an Evening Express article which you can read here, Co-operative Funeralcare of the United Kingdom ratcheted up their price guarantee this week by extending that guarantee to all funeral plans in the United Kingdom.  Earlier in September they promised to beat all quotes for funeral costs on a “like-for like” basis.  The new guarantee brings that promise to all competitor quotes. Co-operative Funeralcare is believed to have about 16% of all of the UK’s funeral services – a […]


Can this happen in the USA?

We reported in early 2018 that Dignity, the United Kingdom’s 2nd largest funeral merchant with a reported 12% of total market share dropped pricing by 50% in its lowest priced service segment to try to grapple more market share away from leader Co-op Funeralcare who has a purported 16% of the market share.  All reports to date indicated that Dignity has picked up market share although it was too early to see what it would be doing to the company’s […]