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Great Britain’s Dignity plc reports 2020 results. . .digital marketing important and growing

Great Britain’s largest purveyor of death care services, Dignity plc, reported their results for 2020 last week in a very comprehensive report.  The results show increased revenues on more death calls, but because of choices made in taking financial impairments on goodwill and trade names it is difficult to get actual year over year comparables. However, the report is very comprehensive and gives great insight to what is happening in the cremation markets, the direct cremation markets, and, quite frankly, […]


Dignity Plc 9-month report: More services, more revenue, less profit

Dignity plc, the United Kingdom’s only publicly listed provider of funeral related services released its report on the first nine months of its 2020 business year earlier this week.  You can read highlights of that report here in a short synopsis of such from Reuters. In essence, the number of deaths in Great Britain increased approximately 15% over the same period of one year ago. Dignity Plc saw their services for January -September 2020 grow to 61,200 from 52,100 in […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Learning from down under and across the pond

You have heard me say many times that small funeral home operators can learn a lot from watching what the public companies are doing in the business.  I’m also of the opinion that those of us in North America can learn much from what our colleagues in Australia and Great Britain are doing. . .  .especially in that they seem to be ahead of their North American counterparts in how they service cremation client families in that ever growing segment […]

Afternoon Edition Finance Regulations

Afternoon edition: News you can use from public companies to cemeteries to COVID

In today’s Afternoon Edition we will bring you a myriad of different news from different parts of the death care spectrum.  We lead off with an article from the United Kingdom that highlights that country’s largest provider of funeral services and cremations, Dignity PLC.  As you may know, the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) recently ended its investigation into price practices in the funeral industry of Great Britain without imposing price controls, at this time on funeral and cremation […]

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Afternoon edition: lots of news. . . finance, cemetery, coroner race, funeral home sold, more

As we head not only into the weekend but into the month of August, we found lots of interesting stories for our readers.  And, they are from all over the world. . .from preneed insurance in New Zealand, to public company finances in Great Britain, and back to the good old U.S.A. with stories ranging from a body potentially buried in the wrong spot to a coroner’s race pitting two funeral directors against each other. Read the stories. . . […]


From the business world. . . . .

As we continue to move into the reports from Wall Street on how public companies have been doing for the first six months of 2019 we have a couple of items that we noticed in today’s news that we will present to you: Dignity PLC halts dividend:  The British funeral home conglomerate announced on Wednesday that they will be suspending payment of their dividend to stockholders.  You can read a story about it here.  As you know, about a year […]


Dignity Plc reports fewer services, lower profits

Great Britain’s leading purveyor of death care services reported that for the first 13 weeks of 2019 that they have had fewer services and lower profits than the first quarter of 2018.  In a statement very similar to first quarter United States public death care companies, Service Corporation International and Carriage Services, Dignity Plc said that deaths in Great Britain were down about 13% in 2019 as compared to the number of deaths reported in the first 13 weeks of […]


Consumer issues and complaints in the death care industry

It was a different day and age 30-40 years ago when funeral directors and those in the funeral profession were sought out for their opinions on anything death care related.  Opinions were given and communities and consumers accepted the educated opinions of the death care professionals.  It may be that funeral directors and others in the business didn’t always know the right and proper ways for everything, but adequate care was given to all issues and that seemed to suffice. […]


Dignity PLC upgrades forecast on “Stronger than Expected” 4th Qtr

In a brief update that you can read here, the United Kingdom’s largest funeral services provider issued a statement that says they expect profits to be higher than expected for 2018 due to higher than expected revenue while overhead has been kept lower than expected. Dignity plc also stated that their market share had remained “robust” which included small growth and as a result their operating profits were expected to be about  $US 101 million. . which is ahead of […]


Bloomberg: Price War to hit UK Funeral Sector

In an article published earlier today on Bloomberg.com that you can read here, it is reported that the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) of Great Britain report that “price increases over the past decade, particularly by larger chains, can’t be justified by higher costs or quality improvements”.  The CMA goes on to suggest a proposal for a major probe into the industry by a CMA panel. Earlier this year, Dignity PLC, the largest player in the UK funeral market, reduced […]