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Thoughts about serving humanity in our profession

If you have followed Funeral Director Daily for any length of time you know that I like to write articles about business.  Sometimes I know that I get a little “heavy” on the business articles.  However, I also try to put information on other subjects out there to keep a variety of topics at the forefront. Today is one of those days when I am reminded of the “humanity of the profession”.  You see, on Tuesday morning, I checked into […]

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A historic tragedy where the funeral profession stepped up again

It was 85 years ago this past March when “funeral directors from across East Texas showed up. Dallas dispatched 25 doctors, 100 nurses, and 25 embalmers” to the small Texas oil boom community of New London.   After the tragedy and according to this article , “morticians embalmed more than 200 bodies in the Overton American Legion Hall over the next 18 hours”. I learned of the tragedy of the New London School quite by accident when I was researching the […]


My brother Jim. . . . and the power of kindness

Today is August 17.  Today should be my younger brother, Jim’s, 60th birthday.  Instead I’ll spend part of the day where he rests at Kinkead Cemetery talking to him, telling him how much I loved him, and how sad it was that I didn’t get to see him grow old.  You see, Jim, took his own life in May 1993 and never lived past 31 years of age. It’s one of my greatest regrets in life. . . that I […]


The humanity of being a funeral director

This isn’t what I was planning to write about an hour ago.  It’s Friday as I write this and earlier this morning I was on the treadmill watching CNBC with Jim Cramer as he was interviewing Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson.  I thought the interview was very informative on how Starbucks was using the pandemic, that they had no control over, to analyze and pivot their business model to a structure that would be even better post-pandemic than it was prior […]


Revisiting Clive

When I was just getting going on writing an occasional blog article back in May 2017 – about three years to the day from today – I was fascinated with a young man from County Cork Ireland who grew up wanting to be a funeral director.  As it turned out, circumstances worked out so that at age 31 Clive Anderson became owner of a funeral home in Pelham, New York, that catered to those of Irish descent.  You can read […]