In Kentucky Cremations Grow as Cost Drops

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Prices are dropping for cremations in western Kentucky according to an article in the Paducah Sun. Lyman Hutcheson, managing partner of the Cremation Society of Paducah and two local funeral homes is quoted as saying, “Pricing shouldn’t be a mystery”.

Hutcheson installed a crematory in Paducah seven years ago when the historically low cremation rate in America’s Bible Belt was only 8 percent. Today that percentage is rising and as it is rising, the Cremation Society of Paducah has been able to lower prices to consumers. According to the article, cremation pricing was at $2300 when he installed the retort for cremation and it is at $1295 today.

Hutcheson explains that making cremations affordable has allowed the firm to continue to build market share and he beleives the affordability fits the criteria of making it easier on families and helping them through a difficult time.

Funeral Director Daily take: It’s great to make purchases of all kinds more affordable. However, at these low prices are funeral directors able to invest in equipment and personnel going into the future?

A retort and controls in a Kentucky crematory

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