Will “young people” bring back the funeral

By Funeral Director Daily / September 22, 2023 /

  Funerals, cremations, memorial services, and other Death Care purchases by the consumer are not done in a vacuum.  Consumers make all kinds of decisions on purchases with all kinds of products and services and sometimes those decisions change over time as to the overall philosophy of the purchase.   It’s no secret that in…

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Lesko purchases Parente Funeral Home in Connecticut

By Funeral Director Daily / September 19, 2023 /

    From the website of the Parente Funeral Home of Bridgeport, Connecticut comes the announcement that “Kevin Lesko has purchased Parente Lauro Funeral Home, of Bridgeport, from Michael Parente. To assure the seamless transition of his family’s longstanding service, Michael has joined the new funeral care firm. . . . Effective September 1, 2023,…

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Another argument for Preneed. . . .

By Funeral Director Daily / July 13, 2023 /

      Americans are taking a loan, early withdrawal, or hardship withdrawal from their retirement plans at record rates according to this article from Yahoo Finance.  And, one of the top reasons why, according to the survey, is to pay for a funeral.   According to the survey released by by the non-profit Transamerica…

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Is Private Equity really paying 14 x for InvoCare?

By Funeral Director Daily / July 12, 2023 /

      This article from the Australian Financial Review states that, even as the due diligence period is being extended for giant private equity firm TPG Global in their pursuit of Australia’s largest Death Care company, InvoCare, it is purported that TPG’s offer is more than 14 times the forward forecast EBITDA for InvoCare.…

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Park Lawn Corporation makes offer to acquire Carriage Services

By Funeral Director Daily / June 30, 2023 /

      The world of Death Care has once again proved pretty small.  In what was supposed to be a confidential offer, Park Lawn Corporation has confirmed, according to this Yahoo Finance article, that they have recently made a buy-out proposal to Carriage Services.   And, Carriage Services, in this company press release, has…

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Grief without the grave

By Funeral Director Daily / April 28, 2023 /

    There are approximately 3 million deaths in the United States each year.  As of 2023, about 40% of those deaths are interred as “Traditional Earth Burials”.  That leaves about 1.8 million deaths that are cremations, alkaline hydrolysis, green burials, or natural organic reduction forms of disposition.   In almost all of the three…

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Public cemeteries can receive funding with unique Connecticut program

By Funeral Director Daily / April 21, 2023 /

    We’ve advised readers of the financial problems that small church and civic cemeteries have in today’s world of less earth burials.  Revenue is tougher to come by as cemetery grave lot purchase revenue is not received in a great proportion of today’s deaths.  That eventually leads to less money in perpetual care accounts.…

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You can see the data. . . what does it mean for funeral homes.

By Funeral Director Daily / April 19, 2023 /

    Last week I came across this article from The Hill entitled, “Two million people fled America’s big cities from 2020 to 2022”.  If you have read my articles for anytime now you will understand that when I look at an article like that usually the first thing that comes to mind for me…

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Will funeral homes go the way of banks?

By Funeral Director Daily / April 17, 2023 /

      Over the weekend I started reading death care industry consultant Alan Creedy’s new book entitled, “Finish Well“.  I really enjoying the read, but so far have not gotten too far into the subject matter so I will save a review until another time.   However, in describing most family funeral homes in…

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StoneMor becomes Everstory Partners

By Funeral Director Daily / April 13, 2023 /

    In this press release, that was released on Tuesday, April 11, we learned a little more about the evolution of StoneMor Inc. as it has transformed to a private company from a public stock ownership company.  The press release announces that StoneMor Inc., and its grouping of 389 cemeteries, funeral homes, and cremation…

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