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Arbor Memorial named one of Canada’s “Best Managed Companies”

There is an insurance company that used to use the slogan “The Quiet Company”.  That company was, and still is, known as one of the most successful life insurance companies in America. . . . The “Quiet Company” claim came, at least to my way of thinking, from the idea that they used captive agents who did good old-fashioned client prospecting for the right type of clientele on an individual basis within a culture that was humble and quiet about […]

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A historic tragedy where the funeral profession stepped up again

It was 85 years ago this past March when “funeral directors from across East Texas showed up. Dallas dispatched 25 doctors, 100 nurses, and 25 embalmers” to the small Texas oil boom community of New London.   After the tragedy and according to this article , “morticians embalmed more than 200 bodies in the Overton American Legion Hall over the next 18 hours”. I learned of the tragedy of the New London School quite by accident when I was researching the […]

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The Heart of America

We are coming up on Memorial Day weekend.  For me it is always a time for reflection on the good that America has done over the years on the world stage and a time to honor and respect those that were willing to put their lives on the line for others.  That duty has always been that heart or fabric of what America is. However, there is another side of America that isn’t always respected or cared for and I […]


Are we “Turning the Corner?”

In the last few weeks I have heard and seen a lot about about staffing issues in the death care world.  For instance, I recently had a discussion with Ryan Thogmartin of Connecting Directors and he told me that their surveys from owners and managers indicate that staffing, employee issues, and just simply getting enough people to do the jobs that need to be done in funeral homes is the number one concern of these management people at this time. […]


SCI reports 1st Qtr 2022. . . . Preneed hitting on all cylinders

Service Corporation International (SCI), North America’s largest grouping of funeral homes and cemeteries reported their 1st Quarter 2022 financial results last week.  The company reported increased total sales of 3.2% which resulted in 1Q 22 revenue of $1.112 billion as compared to the 1st Quarter of 2021 where they reported sales of $1.077 billion.  That’s an increase of over $34 million in sales for the quarter as compared to last year. The results came on the heels of a reported […]


Warren Buffet on “How to beat inflation”. . .it will work for your funeral home

After two years of absence because of the pandemic, the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting was once again held in person last weekend in Omaha, Nebraska.  91-year old Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett again presided over the meeting and, as usual, gave sage advice on many aspects of business. In responding to a question about what to invest in amid a climate of price increases for goods and services, according to this article, Bufett answered with the following, “The best thing […]


Checking your mindset. . . self-examination is good for business

Just as you would take an inventory of your physical health at least once a year, I also think it is imperative that you take a look at your business’ health at least that often.  And, while we meet with our bankers and accountants to take a deep look in the financial health of our business, I also think we need to be self-reflective to look into the “Mindset” of the business as well. I was reminded of this point […]

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Cemeteries, funeral homes looking for that perfect acquisition. . . we may have it

The Prudential Company has the “Rock of Gibraltar” logo as an iconic brand differentiator.  As a matter of fact the brand logo is one of the oldest and most recognizable in the world. . . . .first appearing for Prudential in 1896 when the company stated, “Prudential has the strength of Gibraltar”. . . . . According to the company’s website, the rock is an icon of “strength, stability, expertise, and innovation.” If you are in the cemetery or funeral […]

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Loewen movie article tops last 30 days readership

Evidently the readers of Funeral Director Daily are enamored with the Oscars and what will be the best movie of 2023 or they are interested in the story of Canadian funeral home executive Ray Loewen and his quest in building a very large public company.  Our top rated article for the past 30 days was one involving the announcement of the filming of the movie based on Loewen’s downfall currently titled, “The Burial” which is expected to be out for […]


StoneMor increases revenue in 2021, starts making acquisitions in 2022

StoneMor Inc. has been on a journey of what they term “Transformation” for the past few years.  That road has followed management changes, sales philosophy changes, property changes, work relation chnages(employees to contracted services in some instances), funeral home divestments, and now seems to be on the final stage of strategy. . . what appears to be strategic growth. According to this press release from last week which memorializes StoneMor’s 2021 4th Quarter and 2021 Year End results, the company […]