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Hillenbrand revenue increases, Batesville division sales and EBITDA drop

By Funeral Director Daily / August 18, 2021 /

Hillenbrand Industries, parent company of Batesville, reported their Fiscal Year 3rd Quarter earlier this month.  Their FY 2021 3Q comprises the April, May, and June 2021 business period.  You can see the complete report here. Here’s what CEO Joe Raver said about the quarter, “We had another strong quarter of performance with exceptional cash generation…

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Batesville shows another strong quarter

By Funeral Director Daily / May 13, 2021 /

Batesville, a division of Hillenbrand Industries, reported their Fiscal Year 2nd Quarter during the first week of May.  While the entire company revenue increased 11% year over year, Batesville, the funeral service side of the business, increased their revenue by over 20% to a quarterly volume of $166 million. Here’s what was said in the…

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Batesville sales increase 7%

By Funeral Director Daily / August 10, 2020 /

Hillenbrand Industries, a global diversified industrial company and parent of death care company, Batesville, reported their 3rd Quarter 2020 last week.  The company, which operates with an October 1 fiscal year date announced that revenues for the entire company increased 36% to $608 million for the quarter, but Net Income of $24 million was about…

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Swimming against the stream

By Funeral Director Daily / January 15, 2020 /

To understand me you have to understand that I was somewhat, especially when it came to business, a data geek even before data and the term “data analytics” became in vogue.  When my wife and I were married in 1988 – and I was hatching all kinds of business opportunities outside of the funeral realm,…

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Matthews Aurora spins off Canadian facility

By Funeral Director Daily / October 11, 2019 /

In this press release issued by Victoriaville & Co. of Edmunston, New Brunswick, Canada, last week you can read about their acquisition of  Alliance St-Laurent Casket, previously a subsidiary of Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions. According to a quote from Steve Gackenbach, Group President of Matthews Memorialization, “This divestiture represents a manufacturing consolidation as part of…

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What’s up with Hillenbrand

By Funeral Director Daily / September 24, 2019 /

As a saver I keep what investments I have in separate buckets.  I have a bucket for my 401k, I have a bucket that generates current income, and I have a bucket where I hold stocks with the philosophy that these stocks “will be worth more in ten years than they are worth today”.  The…

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Matthews reports 1st Qtr 2019. . . . Memorialization segment increases sales

By Funeral Director Daily / February 12, 2019 /

On January 31 Matthews International, parent company of Matthews Cremation and Aurora Casket, reported its first quarter of fiscal year 2019 which covers the period of October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.  You can read the press release from Matthews here. As a company the consolidated sales totaled $374.2 million as compared to $369.5…

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What We See for 2018

By Funeral Director Daily / January 4, 2018 /

It is always fun when the ball drops in Times Square at the rise of the New Year to think about how the future will be affecting you.  Thinking about what will happen in the death care industry in North America is not something that comes to everybody’s mind, but if you make your livelihood…

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The American Casket Market

By Funeral Director Daily / December 19, 2017 /

I’ve been able to receive a private report from November 2017 on the State of the American Casket Market.  It is an extensive report that goes into who are the players in the industry, what is the market like, who has what percentage of market share, what is the profitability of the industry, and attempts…

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Batesville Casket Honored by State of Indiana

By Funeral Director Daily / October 6, 2017 /

Batesville Casket company was one of eleven Indiana companies honored and inducted into the State of Indiana Manufacturer’s Hall of Fame in a ceremony on October 4.  Companies were recognized by the Indiana Manufacturer’s Association for their outstanding contributions to the development of a healthy, dynamic manufacturing environment in Indiana. Batesville has been a part…

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