Radical Hospitality — Do you exhibit it and does it come naturally? If so, it is a gift that can build your business



Our friends at “Two Guys and a Question” podcast, funeral service experts Alan Creedy and Danny Jefferson released a 7-minute podcast the other day that really hit home to me.  Creedy and Jefferson brought up the idea of “Radical Hospitality”.


You may not know what that is, but after listening to the short podcast you know if you have “It” naturally and if you do I think it is a great benefit to growing your business as a funeral director.  And, if you don’t have “It” Creedy and Jefferson point out that making yourself aware of “It” and trying to always “see what is helpful” can also help your business grow.


Here’s the podcast. . . enjoy it and then try to put “Radical Hospitality” to work at your business.


Radical Hospitality — The Podcast

Tom Anderson
Funeral Director Daily

Funeral Director Daily take:  I listened to this podcast and realized it summarized what I’ve always thought about myself.  With respect to my own humility, I have always sensed that I have an ability to notice what is going on around me and take action to solve the issue.  Something as simple as seeing a fidgeting stranger at a funeral service can call “hospitality” into action.  When you see that person, be “hospitable” and ask if they would like to be seated.  It comes simple to me, but I’ve also seen funeral directors in that same situation just stand there and not address the needs of that person  —  that’s not “hospitality”.


And, I think Creedy and Jefferson are on to something here that many of us take for granted.  As simple as something may be, being “hospitable” can only bring a positive impression to your business.  Maybe that person “just standing around” didn’t know it was appropriate to be seated at that time. . . . your hospitality can solve that problem.


Related —  Creedy and Jefferson to offer workshop at NFDA Convention.  Entitled “How do you drive a Tesla without a Battery?”  The tag-line in the NFDA Director magazine about this presentation says “Our role as leaders is not to provide information — it’s to facilitate transformation”.  The presentation is set for 1:15 pm on Sunday and offers one CEU credit.


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  1. Danny Jefferson on September 7, 2023 at 1:03 pm

    Thanks for your acknowledging this most important information, simple yet effective. Thanks Tom!

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