Park Lawn Corporation adds 1,000 call acquisition

In a press release made public on the heels of the company’s 3rd Quarter report, Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and Toronto, Ontario, announced that they had acquired the Schrader, Aragon & Jacoby Funeral Home, Mountain View Memorial Park, and Bustard & Jacoby Funerals, Cremation, Monuments and Receptions of Cheyenne and Casper, Wyoming.  The press release, that you can read here, was made public on Monday, November 13.

It was announced that the transaction is expected to close in 2022.

Here’s what PLC CEO J. Bradley Green had to say about the transaction, “We are excited to continue our strategic growth in the west by entering into a new market in southeast Wyoming with the Jacoby businesses.”

The “Jacoby businesses” consist of 2 stand-alone funeral homes and one stand-alone cemetery.  Combined they represent 1,146 death calls annually and 30 interments annually.  According to the press release the transaction will eventually add over $2 million in adjusted EBITDA annually to Park Lawn’s financial numbers.

Here is the website for the Schrader, Aragon & Jacoby funeral Home

Here is a map of Park Lawn Corporation’s North American locations

Disclaimer — The author of this article is a stockholder in Park Lawn Corporation

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