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As has become our custom, in an effort that our readers don’t miss the most popular stories published on Funeral Director Daily, we re-cap them in this format for you.  This month those stories include a look back in time at the Tri-State Crematory incident as well as a look right here in the present on how some of the public company’s in the death care business fared in 2021. . . . Here’s those stories.

Our most read stories as overall page views indicate:

  1. It’s been twenty years since one of death care’s darkest days.
  2. Service Corp’s Operating Income jumps, company acquires 30 properties in 4Q 2021.
  3. Are the days of helping each other over?
  4. Employment and Death Care.
  5. SCI’s Tom Ryan on 2021 results, 2022 expectations.

The following are are most read stories by our Facebook followers.  As we’ve mentioned before, we believe that our Facebook followers include a demographic that is both younger and more female in nature than our overall followers so there is sometimes a little different perspective on what articles this demographic looks at.

  1. Tidbits from the Death Care universe
  2. It’s been twenty years since one of death care’s darkest days.  
  3. Park Lawn Corporation reports Year End 2021 – Revenues grow, Acquisitions total $125 million, tell of 5-year aspirations
  4. Messenger acquires Bass-Mollett Publishers
  5. Carriage Services reports 2021 Year-End CEO Payne states “Succession Plan Format” 

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