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In an effort to get you more information to learn more and more about your profession, Funeral Director Daily brings you these opportunities that have been sent to us for your information.


From the National Funeral Director’s Association:

A Brush with Death podcast — Going Green: Another funeral option.  Podcast #23 in a series this podcast interviews Amy Cunningham, a New York City funeral director and celebrant who specializes in Green Burials.

NFDA Webinar –– “The Success or Failure of your business can be defined by just five letters – EBIDA”.  Wednesday, May 12, 2021.  1 pm Central Time.

NFDA Webinar — Live Virtual Roundtable – “Covid – 19 prevention programs and Top 10  OSHA Violations”.  Thursday, May 13, 2021, 1 pm Central Time.



From the Selected Educational Trust:

Course Offering — “Being a Successful Professional“.  This is your opportunity. Your opportunity to build on the biggest factor in your success – professionalism. It’s a blending and integration of skills that goes beyond a checklist of requirements. The great professionals are constantly driven to perform high quality work. Learn the important components of being a professional so you can represent yourself and your funeral home in the most positive enduring way. Take this opportunity to sharpen your skills.

Course Offering “Financing Fundamentals – Business Growth and Acquisition”.  When you have the right tools to operate your business successfully, you’ll unlock future growth potential and acquisition opportunities.  With the future of your business in the balance, start preparing now to reach your goals. Whether you want to improve your business finances or grow your business through acquisition, there are essential steps you need to take now to position your business for success.

From Wilbert, Inc.:

New upcoming sessions from the WilbertEDU series for funeral professionals.  WilbertEDU sessions are free for funeral professionals.

Webinar CEU “Post Embalming Treatments with David Hicks.”  This program looks at the procedures and things that are done after the embalming machine has been turned off. It may not be an all-inclusive list or in the order that every embalmer performs them but, a listing of 90 separate tasks or procedures makes for an interesting talk. From feature building to casketing and many others in between the topic is sure to spark discussion and best practices among the attendees.   Thursday, May 20 1 pm Central Time

Webinar CEU — “The Grief Work of Children and how funerals help them“.  In this session, Chaplain Mark Bartel will discuss the reconciliation needs of a grieving child.  Thursday, June 3, 1 pm Central Time.


From Clifton Larson Allen:

Webinar — “Mid-Year Update:  Continuing the Recovery“.  Please join us for this complimentary webinar where we will provide a mid-year market and legislation update. We will also engage with investment industry professionals for a lively panel discussion on strategies for finding growth in public and private markets.  Wednesday, May 19, Noon Central Time.

From The Foresight Companies:

Webinar  —“Reexamining the role of the Funeral and Cemetery Professional”.  Chris Cruger will provide insights for the industry on how the business model must evolve and adapt to the post-pandemic environment. The research-based findings of this study are a must for any professional looking to stay abreast of the rapidly changing times we face today.  Wednesday, May 12, 1 pm Eastern Time, Noon Central Time.

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