Mark Cuban: “. . .the grief industry is very much old school”

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Back in October 2019 on an episode the television production of Shark Tank, serial investor and billionaire Mark Cuban became invested in a death care company.  It was at that time that Cuban invested $600,000 for a 9% share of the “cremation carbon to diamond” company Eterneva.  That $600,000 investment gave the company a valuation of almost $7 million at the time.

Funeral Director Daily caught up with the company when we found this article in Insider.  In the article, Eterneva relates that they will be going to the market with a Series A fundraising pitch this year in order to make “a large expansion of our facility and our production capabilities here in Austin (Texas),” according to one of the founders.

In an e-mail to the article authors Cuban stated that  “. . .  his current role in the company  (is) as an advisor and confirmed he still owns 9% of Eterneva. “I agree with  (co-founder)[Archer] that the grief industry is very much old school and Eterneva can have a significant impact on it,”  

Again, according to the article, over a seven to nine months process, human cremated remains are processed into a diamond.  Once the carbon from the remains is purified, the lab growth process is similar to other synthetic diamonds on the market.

Eterneva has a staff of 30, according to the article, and has processed for around 700 customers to date.  The finished cost of their products range from $2,999 to as high as $50,000 for a 3-carat stone.  Crunchbase data, according to the article, shows that Eterneva has raised over $4.8 million in investment for their company.

Adelle Archer, one of the founders is quoted in the article, “We were really the first modern direct-to-consumer brand that’s ever been built in the death-care space.    And now the startup wants to bring that DTC ethos to funeral homes.”  To that end, the article states that the company has partnered with 17 funeral homes across the country “so that funeral directors can pitch the diamond service among or in addition to cremations or burials.

Here is the website for Eterneva.

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  2. The problem here is that diamonds need carbon to make them, and carbon comes from the fossil fuels (natural gas or propane) that fuel the crematory. The longer you let the fossil fuel burn on the bone fragments, the less cremated remains (ash) there is to return to the family and on top of that you are harming the environment. (CO2) It would be interesting to know the carbon footprint from “deceased to diamond”, but then if you have the money to “burn”, you probably wouldn’t care.

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