Funeral Director Daily’s Most Read Articles in the past 30 days.

My how time flies by.  It seems like I just posted last month’s most read stories.  Anyway, in case you missed some of our top articles here’s what our readers found most interesting over the time period from April 15 to May 15.

  1. Another new concept. . Can it catch on.
  2. Wilbert, Park Lawn make acquisitions.
  3. Cemeteries, funeral homes looking for the perfect acquisition, we may have it.
  4. Warren Buffet on “How to beat inflation”. . .It will work for your funeral home.
  5. Will we see a “pull-forward” effect.

We also like to list the Top 5 read articles from our Facebook followers.  We believe that our Facebook followers tend to be more female in number and also be slightly younger in age demographic than our general followers.  It’s interesting, however, that their Top 5 read articles for this month all come from what I would call the “Finance” or “Acquisition” sliver of the death care universe.

  1. SCI and other DCI stocks buck the Year-to-date market trends.
  2. Wilbert, Park Lawn make acquisitions.
  3. Recapping FY 2021 with the public companies
  4. SCI reports 1st Quarter 2022. . . Preneed hitting on all cylinders
  5. Learning more of Matthews International

And here’s a few interesting statistics about Funeral Director Daily:

  • We recently passed 2,700 daily subscribers. . . that’s a far cry from when I started and we had four  — myself, my two sons to make sure that my Twitter feed Twitter worked, and my friend Dave Westburg who continued to tell me that I had experiences in business and life that others would be interested in reading about.  I’m still not so sure that is true, but I have learned I enjoy the the work that goes into researching and writing. . . it is something I never would have guessed that I enjoyed until I started doing so.
  • Funeral Director Daily’s growth has virtually been “all organic”  —  one reader telling another and continuing to do so.  So, if you are enjoying the daily topics please let others know that they can also receive all Funeral Director Daily articles free of charge via e-mail.
  • We have passed the 13,000 mark of 30-day page views which is about a 100% increase from the 6600 or so back in June 2020. . . and the number continues to grow just about every day.
  • The page view number indicates that “on average” each subscriber reads one our of four articles that we publish.  I continue to try to vary the topics to make sure that at least once a week we find each reader’s interest.
  • Finally, without the sponsors, whose names and logos you see about the pages, this would not be possible.  Their payments cover my technical costs and the costs of distribution via services such as MailChimp and GoDaddy.  Fortunately we live in a free world where you can make purchases from wherever you like, but if you enjoy Funeral Director Daily I’d make the argument you should purchase or form strategies with them.

Once again, Thanks for reading Funeral Director Daily!!!

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