Local Cemetery Running out of Niche Space

By Funeral Director Daily / March 8, 2017 /

There is a small problem in the community of Marysville, Michigan, according to an article in The Voicenews.   Marysville Director of Public Works, Barry Kreiner is quoted as saying, “We are all out of niches.  They are all sold”. At Funeral Director Daily we have mentioned that cremation seems to becoming the preferred method…

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What to Do with Burial Plots

By Funeral Director Daily / March 6, 2017 /

An article recently published in the Wilkes-Barre Citizen’s Voice that deals with the number of cremations on the rise also reaches into the ramifications for families who have purchased cemetery burial space and now have no reason to use it. The article which lets us know of the rise in cremation services worldwide for a…

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