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What to Do with Burial Plots

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An article recently published in the Wilkes-Barre Citizen’s Voice that deals with the number of cremations on the rise also reaches into the ramifications for families who have purchased cemetery burial space and now have no reason to use it.

The article which lets us know of the rise in cremation services worldwide for a final method of disposition also touches on the Cremation Association of North America and the oft-used statistic that the United States surpassed the 50% cremation rate in 2016. It also talks about Luzerne County (PA) where the number of cremations has risen to 1,870 annually from a 2002 number of 814 — over double in that time period.

One of the issues brought about is that families who may now use columbariums or scattering as a method of dealing with the cremated remains, is that they many times have left over burial plots to release themselves from. Consumers are also finding few purchasers for the plots when listed in local newspapers — even for one-half the purchased price.

Wilkes-Barre funeral home owner Brian Leffler is quoted as saying he believes that cremation is becoming “the preferred method “.

Funeral Director Daily take: We don’t argue with cremation becoming the preferred method of disposition in the United States. We’ve seen that coming for some time. As for people with unused burial lots to sell — we found a benefit for consumers to register those lots at our funeral home and when people who still chose earth burial needed a plot at need, we had an inventory for them to choose from at less than retail costs.

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